Update on 20 March 2017:
Good news to my readers! You can quote my name "Melissa1010" to enjoy FREE consultation =) Also, you can try their laser treatment at only RM 200 for the first time (new customer), super good deal please!! Make appointment here  

It's Chu 3 and I just woke up in the mid of the day, half day holiday has gone fml #typicalcomplainer
I was "partying" at a friend's house and came home at 5 am + in the morning just now, it's been a long time I didn't hang out til this hour.

I always ensure I have enough of sleep to prevent the opportunity of breakout, you know it had been a harassment to me, whenever I hang out with friends or family, I used to be asked: 為什麼你的痘痘還沒好? 你不要化妝啦,痘痘更明顯~ 你是不是沒有喝水吃水果?你的痘痘很嚴重下~

Sigh~ 我喝很多水, 提早睡覺,有吃水果,不吸菸喝酒,but pimples & scars still there...........

Until I decided to visit DRx Clinic and 我的皮膚終於有希望 >< In case you missed the post, you can still read it here.

Let me answer you some FAQ first XD

Do I still have breakout?

Answer: YES! I do not have perfect skin nehhhhhhh ~~~ Fortunately, I only have minor breakout prior PMS, little small pimple maybe.... not a huge OR "headless" 無頭瘡 hehe~~~ I can officially say that I'm pimple-free now LOLLLL 

My current skin condition?

Answer: Normal, not perfect LOL at least it's Pimple-free. The only issue I have with my skin is the huge pores that were the consequence of squeezing big pimples myself =(((((( Q-switched laser does help, I can't wait for the final result!

How many laser treatments I have done?

Answer: Dual Yellow & Q-switched are my favor!!!!! I did Dual yellow for more than 5 times, Q-switched for only 2 times. Pls pls pls try them if you have serious acne problem like I did *strongly recommended*

Can I see result after one treatment?

Answer: You will not notice an obvious before after result like a girl putting on make up XD However, you can still see a difference after one session of treatment. I would say, the obvious result shows after 5 treatments. 好皮膚不是一兩天的事喲~

And today, I'm going to share you the result of Q-switched laser treatment. You can read about my post about Dual Yellow laser here.

Q-Switched Laser is mainly for treating pigmentations, huge pores, acne marks (like mine!!), tattoo removal.

How it works: The device delivers clinical laser quickly with intense energy. The laser pulse is absorbed by melanin, thus breaking down the pigments into smaller fragments and eliminated by the body’s natural lymphatic system.

How long it takes: The procedure will take around 30 minutes. For me, the pain level is 2/10, feeling like a little sparks hit against my skin. Sounds pain but not hahaha 

Before and after, finally ~~~~ The right one is me right now without makeup while typing this post (Took 5 min ago haha)

No editing at all, I can put on make up without hurting my pimples hehehehe

抗痘這條路不容易啊~~~ 你們皮膚好的人不會明白的 >< I really appreciate Dr. Chiam & DRx for pampering me always with their professional service & products! My favor products from them would be Max-C (for whitening, skin tone balancing) & BFM mask (for moisturizing, god damn nice to use!)

Applying BFM mask is highly recommended after having laser treatment =)

Make your appointment now before your skin gets worse like mine!
Bye yo, enjoy your holiday =)

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