Back from Melbourne!! In case you have a question mark, I was there for my graduation ceremony =)

Coming back Msia for good and we ( Hippo + I ) always missing Melbourne for 5747838289191999% .......... I really wish I could migrate there in the future =))))))))))

I love everything in Melbourne, but not the weather T.T
The humidity is as low which made my skin really dried off when I was there for a year. View how worst my skin HERE .

Before flying to Melbourne, I made an appointment with Dr.Chiam to make sure how my skin care routine should be in Mel.

Tips for great skin: Skin care product can only be absorbed if your skin is hydrated! 

Anxiety level was like 294958584892994858483% (ok bear with me haha) because my skin might get worst as last year in Mel.  I didnt skip my skin care routine as what doctor suggested, applied as much hydrator as I could.

What I brought to Melbourne and I just can't live without them (even I hope that I could have baby skin without applying any skin care.....)

Loving the Blemish Spot which can dry out big pimple in one night XDDD

yeah no more spilling out when you have to bring along the skin care during vacation!!!

not perfect baby skin but Im really happy to see the improvement on my skin, appreciate the help of DRx Clinic!!

Current skin condition, with light make up here

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