Hello my long lost blog! Almost forget I have a blog *spider web everywhere*

Not forget to announce that, I'm finally back to my homeland, Malaysia, for good.  (yeah no more crying at the airport lolll)

Blogging less, sharing less, posting less, doesnt mean that I have boring life in Melbourne. Sometimes I'm just lazy or I think that it's not necessary to share everything on social media, exposing my schedule to everyone wtf I dont need that seriously......

I gain a lot throughout the entire year ( ok it's about 10 months ). Not referring to the knowledge of my course but the experience, principle.

Studying abroad is NOT for that piece of paper(cert), but is about how you can survive in a completely new place with new culture, new law, new lifestyle, new people. 

Most importantly I discovered who's the "real friend" and who's the so called "hi bye friend". Hehehe I dont have to reveal the name, I keep it in my heart =)

And, I found myself. I know what I can do best and what's my weaknesses (of course a lot of improvements can be made, for example not doing thing at eleventh hour, be punctual )

hehe two of the shots by Hippo's mummy, Mummy Angie. Still much to share in my laptop ~

Even though I frequently complained to Hippo that I wanted to go home/ I miss home when I was in Melbourne, yet I didnt regret to make decision to finish my two semesters there. It has been a tough year for us, only for me maybe ... lollll  I'm happy that we still be with each other today.

I know the one who missed me a lot was mummy! I remembered how she hugged me and reminded me to take care and asked Hippo to take care of me....... * ops my tear is dropping now* anyway Im back so the next crying scene would be my wedding day AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA