My skin condition update + journey with DRx Clinic

It has been so long I didn't talk about my skin condition.  Recalling last time when I was still in and always shared about skin care tips, I miss that moment !!!! My skin was close to perfect (yes friends said my skin was like baby skin). 

Due to my skin got worst after attending college, I rarely wanted to open my heart to talk about "skin care". I just feel so low self-esteem, I believe some of you whom have the same problem will feel me =( 

My skin got even worst when I was in Melbourne. Initially I thought it was due to my food intake so I tried to eat clean.
= No fried no chocolate no spicy = Fruits ( strawberry/ apple/ kiwi ) everyday = 
However there was no much improvement and my skin still breaking out like nobody. 

How worst?
You must have no idea how bad my skin was: big pimples kept popping out, unclogged pores, dry skin, serious scars...........


No photoshop but with make up + light soft skin mode, you can see how serious my skin condition was, even soft skin mode could not help much T.T

Sorry if I scare you away ......

Started to heel 

My skin only started to turn better when I back to Msia during my Semester break in June. I always envy babe Lumi's skin and she knew I felt bad on my skin too. Eventually, she brought me to DRx Clinic and this was how my journey with DRx begun! 

My first visit to DRx Clinic in June 2014. 

Dr.Chiam suggested me to take medicine to fasten the healing process.  Taking medicine was a nightmare for me as I used to take medicine in few years back but it made my skin terribly dried out x.x 

Surprisingly the medicine that doctor gave me didn't cause any serious reaction =)
FYI, I have been taking the medicine (2 kinds) for 6 months and I tried to reduce the intake since 2 months ago. 

Acnes were being reduced slowly (don't expect immediate recovery if you have serious acne problem), and this photo is with make up. Big pimples were mostly reduced but still seen-able unclogged pimples.   

My skin was still in dry condition when I was in Melbourne as I finished using my products in October. My sensitive skin isn't allowing me to simply try other products as well ><

Current skin condition

By now, my skin is really much better, at least looking softer and smoother, less breaking out! Photos taken below are zero photoshop.

left: 25 June 2014 zero make up  ; right: 10 Dec 2014 with DRx Tinted Sunscreen + brows

left: 25 June 2014 zero make up  ; right: 10 Dec 2014 with DRx Tinted Sunscreen + brows

ME highly recommend their Tinted Sunscreen which giving you a dewy korean skin without foundation !!!!!!! Babe Lumi loves it too =)))))))))) 

Texture of Tinted Sunscreen.

Range of products of mine. You will be recommended by different products according to your skin condition. 

The first bottle is almost empty and I'm getting another bottle. This mask is a mask that I can't live without!!!!! Something like clay mask and I usually tap it on pimples overnight ( yes you can do this! )

Selfie in DRx Clinic! With no foundation but Tinted Sunscreen + concealer.

with my babe during our visit to DRx last week!

I'm really appreciate that I met DRx and it changed my social life! I became low self esteem and not dare to date my friends out just because of my bad skin condition. I always love meeting friends but worst skin condition hold my step =( 

Thank you DRx Clinic !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm more confident now. I can't wait to share my skin condition update again =) 

Don't hesitate to contact them for appointment and book for consultation, having nice skin is not a dream for me anymore, so do you !! 

Mid Valley
No. 43-G The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 KL
Sri Hartamas
Plaza Damas, N-1-1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1


  1. I can understand your feeling, since last year my skin condition suddenly became so worst. That period I feel so sad, not even dare to go out from my house, wear makeup also cannot cover those acne. :( luckily now getting better! Anyway, you still look so cute and pretty. Jia you :D

    1. Thank you girl !!!! Appreciate your words <3

  2. supported your product review~ i am first timer come to your website, haha~~~ XD

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  3. Understand how you feel because i went through exactly the same things 4 years ago. It even leave me a trauma until now. haha.
    Anyway, be optimistic, nothing cant be solved. Cheers :)

  4. It feels so warm when someone understand my feeling !!!! Thank you girl hope to see you soon

  5. Hye Melissa! I am still your loyal reader no worries! You are really pretty, so keep the confidence going! Hehehehe. May I know what are the two medications are you taking? :)


    1. Hi Jessica ! Thank you for your all time support I always appreciate that !!!!! *hug*

      The medicine that I'm taking are Doxy & Spiro. I suggest you to consult doctor instead of getting the medicine yourself ya.

  6. Hey Melissa,

    May I know regarding the tinted sunscreen without PA+...Because PA++ is to protect our skin from UVA rays. But tinted sunscreen seems like doesnt have this function?

    Anyway, you have a good skin now =)

    1. Hi Yenny,

      I just checked my sunscreen and found that there's no PA mentioned . I'm going to DRx tmr and will help you to ask them about this hehe=)

      Will reply you again tmr ! Good day ^^

    2. Hi Yenny, just want to reconfirm with you that the suncreen does have PA+++ , but it isn't written on the bottle. (Doctor has confirmed this with me just now ) =)

  7. Thanks for your kind comment. No worries, these drugs cannot be bought without prescription anyway. I am just curious because most people take roaccutane for fast results but super drying. You will recover real soon! No worries! Loads of love! <3 Btw, I am so happy for your return, keep blogging ya! :)

    1. Jessica,

      Thanks sweetheart <3
      Ya I did take roaccutane before it made my skin even worst >< dried out .....

      Luckily the two medicines im taking never caused that reaction !

  8. Totally understand your feel! I used to have baby skin too (cry).
    Can I know which outlet are u consulting and the averayge cost for that? (Sorry if it's a sensitive question)

  9. Hi Tiffany,

    let's hug for the same feeling ******

    I usually go to the Sri Hartamas outlet. It depends on your skin condition, their product range cost around RM90-200 and the laser package is around Rm2000 (can be paid by 0% instalment, 6 or 12 months, and students can get 10% discount on product purchase)

    Hope this helps =)

  10. Hi Melissa, may I know how much in total did you spend on consultation and whole range of the products? Thanks in advance!