Hellooooooo like seriously, long time no see *wave wave*

I have finished my classes and handed in my last report of study life on Friday , yeah huraayyyy no more rushing at the eleventh hour !!!!

Last Friday, it was hippo and my 1010 birthday, at this moment I still hardly believe that I found a partner who shared the same birthday with me. Recalling when I was in secondary school, I used to dream that I can find someone who shared the same birthday with me and be my lifetime partner (so dream comes true?) ya I want hippo to be my lifetime partner *blush blush*

awwww cant believe we've been annoying each other for 3+ years, and still counting hehehehe

Staying together for 8 months +, we went through as much as we didnt expect about. Most importantly, we love annoying and disturbing each other so much!!! And yes, our relationship getting stronger each day.

Honestly, I didnt expect much for the birthday celebration this year. I just wanted to be with him, ok la was desired for a little surprise onlllyyyyyyyy... just a little laaaaarrrr

I kept asking boyfriend what he bought for me as gift, where we will hang out, which restaurant he picked, etc.....

he get annoyed and said: OK LA I JUST TELL YOU THE FULL SCHEDULE OK , then you dont complain I never give surprise.

Me : OKOK I dont ask anymore

But still, I asked for a couple of times hahahaha 

Until the night before our actual birthday, he told me to get prepared as we need to stay overnight outside tomorrow. I was like : what now only tell me this,  what to wear in the afternoon what to bring what to ...... #girlsproblem

my boss aka hippo

caption: no internet no life 

I planned where to have our brunch, which was at Cumulus. We still have list of brunch places to goooo~~~~

Baked Chili Mussels $10 - TASTE SO DAMN GOODDDDDDD  

Jamon $35 for 40g- I always love jamon but hippo doesnt. I miss El Cerdo's jamon !!  

yum yum ~~

Madeleine $2.5 each - they say this is a MUST-ORDER in Cumulus so we ordered 4 pieces of it. 

filled with lemon curds and I feel hungry typing this now......  never regret to order this, will definitely visit them again !

Not ordering too much as we need to head to next place for afternoon tea !

and the #ootd for afternoon brunch + afternoon tea 

We had afternoon tea at The Market Lane, InterContinental Hotel. They start operating at 2pm. 

Hippo : I'm ready for it ! 

Not much comment on the food, however they served quality food =) 

Time for rest after eating so much .......... 
Hippo brought me to a hotel ( wtf it sounds so not right !! ) ~~~~

He planned to stay overnight at Sofitel Hotel so we can relax after dinner instead of going back home.

Back in hotel room and took a short nap before our birthday dinner. He told me our dinner gonna be in the same building, me no idea though. 

Decided to go for red lips for dinner hehehe
Our dinner was at No35 Restaurant which located at 35th floor as well =) 

cosy ambience with great service !

kids behind: selfie bojio ?

what we ordered, I would say they worth the price ! Not converting to MYR, the price is not expensive though 

ok just typical I-eat-you-take photo 

view from our seats, night scene of Melbourne. 

my #ootd for night =)

and too much selfiessssss

closer look of my make up of the day , wearing 3CE Kiss Woo lipstick if you wonder. 

Our birthday night ended with KFC as our supper lollll 
If you wondering what I received as my birthday gift, it's the Balenciaga cluth that I were holding in few of the photos. YES I love the gift so muchhhh because hippo is an anti-branded person hahaha so it feels so strange to receive a branded stuff from him >< 

That's all for my birthday post !! Sleep nao , good night =)