hello all my precious readers ! Pls say you miss my blog lol lol lol the last update was on 24 April 2014!!

I should apologize to those supporters who have been waiting for my update. I wish to update my blog as much as my friends in Msia yet I have nothing much to write. I just worry that my readers might get bored when I only share how's my life here. No doubt I dont have chances to attend any event/launching here ><  so.... what else I can update??

I've been working on the "face slimming" post & blog template tutorial , so stay tune for them okokok hehe~~

Another reason why my blog is lack of updates - I've been busying with my online boutique OneZero10 . Despite working alone, I'm lucky enough to have mummy , sister and babe Lumi to help me out. 

It's not an easy task managing the whole business especially I'm not in Malaysia and I could not determine the quality of the products. Most of the time I have to ask Lumi to check out for me, and she does always give me suggestions and comments!!!And and and , currently she is the model of my boutique as well, she's petite enough so she has to pin up most of the apparels (imagine a XXS size girl wearing a S/M size cloth) LOLOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLL like this.........

Mummy and sister help me in wrapping, checking and sending parcels. And they never asked for anything in reward!  ***too much of loves from them ***

What I've done :

1. Rushing my assignments in the eleventh hour.

2. Watch dramas , " Star-crossed" is my recent favor ! 

3. Cook like a mama . Yes my cooking skill is being improved a lot....a lot..... LOT!!

4. Celebrated our 3rd year anniversary with Hippo.

5. Visited Brighton beach last week. 

ootd without shoes !

Alright, such boring post is going to end here. Follow me in Instagram for more updates hehe !