May 28, 2014

Im typing this post in advance before OneZero10 is officially launched! My final is on 3/6/14 so I need to have enough time to prepare for it. Somehow I haven't started flipping my books or notes .....

As post title, my baby is launched! Recalling the first time I tried to earn some pocket money by selling clothes through Facebook ( the page was Miitoo ) , it was 3 years back and it was the first time I met babe Lumi during the photoshoot for Miitoo.

Not forget to mention that I was still a little girl who had worst finance management and zero business concept in my brain. Fortunately it had been closed down and I deleted the page !

Hippo started the idea asking me to establish OneZero10, where I had no prediction it will be an official website like NOW ! And, Hippo and his mum do constantly give me a lot of suggestions and business rules that I should keep in my mind.  * drop tear * seriously, thank you Hippo and mummy Angie ! I dont know what else I can say ........

pale looking face + teary eyes before mummy sending me off in airport

Another important person is my mum, the one who never gave up on me at all ! Due to I'm now in Melbourne, my mum is the one who helps me to check every batch of stock and make sure all items are in good condition. And yes, even my both sisters help me too! Younger sister is the one who helps me to pack and send parcels each day !!! They didnt ask anything in reward, and I seriously feel guilty and touched !

Then, my model- Lumi Chuah ! She's not only my model but also consultant.  She asks her Pups, brother and even maid to take photos for OneZero10. LOLLLLLLLLLLL you never knew how much fun conversations between us in everyday *laugh out loud*  I know it's not easy to accept this task but she did.  Sincerely say THANK YOU to you babe !

nah she told me she stood up above the stonewall to take picture one

the outcome !!! So prettttaaayyyyyyyyyyyy PS://  thank you Lumi's KAKAK! Bila saya balik Msia , saya belanja you makan ok ! 

I need to show my love to my web developer , Pei Shan , as well ! She did great job in designing the whole website within a short period of time. She never failed to answer my questions and completed my request on time . I personally think that I have asked her too much of questions hmm..... For those who're interested in hiring a web developer/ designer, you can consider her !!!
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Also, appreciate my blogger friends who willing to lend me their hands by giving a shoutout for OneZero10 !!! I always remember who you are =))))))))

wtf wait, is this Award Ceremony ...... lol lol lol

okokok last but not least, thank you all customers who have been supporting OneZero10 from the start ! We promise to improve day by day serve you better =))))))))))))))

Something for my fellow readers, key in " Mel1010 " during checkout and you will get 5% off + FREE shipping ! * NO minimum spend *  Due date: 14-6-14  

Also, if you spend Rm150 and above , you can get Rm10 off + FREE shipping !! Code : OneZero10 

Happy shopping !!!

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