I miss my blog!!!!!!!! Not sure about you but i found that my blog is getting boring day by day ....... (full of review, review, and reviews only...)

Feel like ignoring what happen in the social media sites, blogging atmosphere..... I only want to care of my family, friends, and country (of course my loyal readers as well!!!!!!!!!! ).

Honestly speaking i used to regret for being here , because my life here is not as best as in Malaysia , especially when it comes to house work, meals.

I never washed my clothes all the time at home, mummy says leave it to maid because I will only make thing worst ( I know her actual reason ..... ). I never cooked (even rice ) , and i need not to do any housework. * I know you want to slap me *

The first week here was terrible , reaction happened on my body and i didn't know what the hell caused it ><

disgusting right wtf ==

It happened everyday in the first two weeks!! yes everyday in different part of my body (luckily not face hell ya ) ! 
End up i went to Pharmacy and bought some allergy medicine. Fortunately it does worked !!! 

Due to boringness, my main entertainment here is COOKING ! wa you know i never dreamt of it before ok..... lolllll 
Hippo supposed to be the cook but I replaced him *clap clap * 
I refer to online recipes and add in my own ( i randomly add one actually....)

Show you a part of my cooking .........

Yes, we ( me and hippo ) usually cook at home , first method to save $$$! however we like discovering nice food in city too =)

As i mentioned above, I used to regret for studying here. Yes i do miss Malaysia a lot , and a lot..... No doubt tear dropping from my eyes once I think of my family, my both puppies, my friends ~~~~

After staying here for weeks, I should admit I like this place. 

Friendly people
I love how the people interact with each other. They greet you first " How are you?" ( even we never met before)  And this is what seldom happened to most of Malaysian ( including myself). 

* However not everyone is as friendly though because i met people who racist >< and that was bad experience =( *

 Nice weather 
I get to wear boot, beanie, long sleeve, sweater, coats, etc...  without concerning the weather! This was my dream since I was a little girl hehehe~~ I used to envy those people who live/ study abroad because all the Winter collections are so nice!!!!!!!! Agree??? 

Sometimes the weather is killing me though LOLLLL *slap again * 
I went to Beach Out Day with other International students one day and the dress code was : bikini, swimwear  .

Purposely bought a bikini but didn't manage to wear it like summer time wtf == the weather was cold that day like 16 C , and the wind was strong fml......... kept shivering like nobody but it was an awesome day for me! (at least a great experience !)

 Nice background for #OOTD
So the moon is rounder in abroad?? *What Chinese usually say* meaning everything is greater in abroad llllllll

Perhaps the weather is nice so it makes me feel like photo-shooting . I will bring my camera around if I were going to city or somewhere else except college. 

I can easily find a place to take picture and the outcome is always awesome ! Oh ya not forget to credit my awesome boyfriend also hehe
For examples.........

The tougher the life, the stronger I am 
I need to handle most of things by myself , aint complaining to mummy anymore (or i should say I dont wish my parent to worry of me ). I need to learn the best way to survive, and the way to communicate with different people. 

Also, after being tutor for 4 years (from 18-21) and earning myself, currently i have no job and need to get pocket money from parent again. Honestly i feel ashamed of that =(((((((( 

I cant shop frequently , spending money $$ is a fear to me now !!

Yet i know this journey will take me to a greater life , better vision ,and a better woman in future. 

Ok hope my blogpost doesn't make you feel boring , bye bye and good night =)