Holla all supportive readers, it's 2014 now, time flies like seriously fast !!!!!!! it was just a blink of an eye from 2012's Private Christmas Party .

This time, we were pleasure to have Wowbooth (Mr.Jack) with us !  Continue reading to know more hehe!!

I was there early to set up and make sure everything was well-prepared when other bloggers reached. 

Guess what? Jessica was the earliest one and she gave me a hand on arranging those stuff! not forget my babe Lumi and also babe Daphne whom I met for the very first time (we know each other through blogging hehe) !! 

tadaaaaaa......so much of love from Vanity Trove

i had bad skin that day, skin was as sensitive + dried out ==! now i realized which products i should stop using, and now i stick to Organic + Pure ingredient one ! will share about the product if it does cure my sensitive skin , PROMISE!

Chanwon and Daphne ( She's a Mrs now)!!

saw the eye-catching fashionista, Kittieyiyi?? love her bunny lace hairband =)

if you ask me how was the party started? My answer would be: Selfie selfie selfie LOLLLLLL

Wow Photo Booth provided us many awesome props for us to have fun ! dang dang dang~~~~

choose which you one ?

the cutest among all! i mean the moose headgear OK><

what happened to this Povy har?? hahaha she was late so i asked her to take picture with this wig , yet she was excited with it!

even not everyone sitting on their chairs during meal time , imagine that @@

because they were here ! Careen, Povy, Careen and Chenille ~

Told you I have a sweet-tooth , the first thing i ate was this macarons from Twenty First Qi Pastries .
If you have read Lumi & Jessica's post you definitely know they love it too! WHY??? not too sweet yet yummy ! i told hippo i want to order from them again before i flying to Melbourne !

Their minimum order is 100pc, the miniature size of macaron is just nice for me i SWEAR !
Not forget to mention that they have various favours to pick from !

Did i tell you they are good in cake decoration too !!!!!!!

Facebook:  Twenty First Qi Pastries
Email  : 21stqipastries@gmail.com

omg look at this doorgift ! perfectly matching our Christmas Theme on that day =)

typical blogger- photo before tasting !

sweetheart Jessica, forever so CUTE *** roll eyes***


my-always-flawless-babe (MAFB)

Guess what? this year Daphne came up an idea which was gift-exchange session! the budget was only Rm30. honestly i wished to get the VS gift as i didnt actually own a VS's item, yes seriously ***

Jessica got mine!!! i purposely bring it from BKK one you know hehehehe~~

somehow i still love what i got ! this was from Chenelle all the way from Korea one~~~~

also, we had so much love from Vanity Trove who allowed us to customize our own beauty boxes!!! **happy face**

you can see various products on tables WOW WOW WOW~~~

" can i grab all?? "

VT allows customers to customize their own beauty boxes @ only Rm50 for 6 products !!!!!!! 

How to personalize your beauty box?

- Sign up/ login to Vanity Trove 

- Go to Vanity Trove Box

- Answer few questions , and they will summarize various of products for you to choose from.

these are a part of products that VT chosen for me! there are 40 products to choose from yo!! 

Great news is , key in SantaB15  to redeem the special discount of Rm15

Visit their website now ! https://www.vanitytrove.com/my

We bloggers love taking pictures so much , and die for it?? * I admit that *

So glad the we had Wowbooth to celebrate with us , say hello to Mr.Jack , the photo machine =)

touch screen !

Surprise from Mr. Jack:

- Photo will be printed within 10 seconds from itself.

- Choose our preferable filter or the original photo.

- Delete photos which you don's want.

- Instantly share the photo (email).

- Get soft copy of all the photos taken from Wowbooth after the party!

here some photos we taken ! 

too much to share , you can view some photos of us at their Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wowphotoboothmalaysia

This machine was so entertaining until everyone wasnt wanted to leave the area LOLLLLLL!!!
This is a really good idea for any party, event , wedding dinner, gathering because your memories can be captured instantly and also be printed instantly! 

About Wowbooth
They are PREMIUM Photo Booth Company for all kind of event. They rent state of the art photo booth.

Website: www.wowphotobooth.com.my/

Email: ask@wowphotobooth.com.my

Get a quote HERE  !!!

Not forget to mention that, Im giving out one e-voucher that worth Rm500 to one of my readers !

What you have to do ?

1. Take the most humorous funny picture of yourself and upload to Instagram !

2. Hashtag #wowsome #santamelissa

* make sure your profile setting is PUBLIC *

Winner will be announced by CNY (29/1/14). 

Good Luck everyone !