hey yo hey yo, Christmas has just passed and it's time for NEW YEAR ! btw, i just back from Cebu, Philippine. Well, im not going to blog about my diving trip now but my BKK trip first. (hell ya my Bali trip is still in progress == too lazy !)

I only knew that i will be going to BKK when i was in Bali in November. Sister sms me to request for my passport number. i was like: wooer.....keep flying in the end of December ahhhhh!! like so YENG you know?? 

 but after all, i realised that it doesnt really fun sitting on the plane for hours ==!!! 

OKOK back to my BKK trip, it was a last family trip before i flying to Melbourne * and i feel like regretting to study abroad at this moment , pls kill me *

our hotel was right opposite Central World Plaza, a must-go shopping mall in BKK as you can find the largest Naraya store (Thailand famous company that produces fabric bags & accessories) and some famous stores like H&M, Topshop, Zara, Cath Kidston, etc.

it was right time for me to shop there because many stores were having great end-year sales even branded !!!!! shout******* 

1. Famous chicken rice

i didnt try it one HAHAHAHAHAHA ~~but it is always crowded of local and tourists , somehow they have bad service>< perhaps you can try Kaiton chicken rice which is just nearby Pratunam. 

2. Central World

As i mentioned above, Central World is a must-go mall in BKK. if not mistaken, it 's the world 6th largest shopping mall (according to Wiki LOLLLL).

Not disappointing, it had great deco for Christmas which really impressed me !!

with brother and the mummy who always playing her phone ==

younger sister!

nah see my mummy!!! playing her phone again >< 

handsome dog i met in front of our hotel ~

 *family photo *

typical caption: me with christmas tree~~~~

both my younger & youngest sisters !

with mummy !!!

3. Platinum mall

I bet every girl who travels to BKK will definitely go to Platinum Mall because it's well-known as a fashion wholesale mall and you can get cheaper and cheapest price there !

 some #ootd photos by brother. 

4. MBK night market

there are a lot of night markets in BKK and i dont know all of them . one of my favor is the one nearby MBK mall. you can get a nice dress at 200baht (approx.. Rm20) . NOT FORGET TO BARGAIN !!!! MBK mall is like a combination of Sg Wang + lowest?? one thing i can assure is , you can get nice phone/tab cover there !

ootd of my brother LOLLLL!!!

 5. Thailand's protest

before flying to BKK, dad was worried about the protest in BKK. it didnt happen during the first three days but the last day when we were in BKK.

Hotel servant advised us not to go out yet we die die also wanted to shop HAHAHAHAHA !!!

surprisingly there wasnt any riot happened but peaceful parade .

some #ootd photos before flying back!

while waiting for flight......

the only brother i have and i dont need anymore! he brings us a lot of joy and i assure that he can be a great comedian LOLLLLLL

"who can be sexier than i do ??"

it was a memorable trip with my family, i really love them , appreciate every moment i spent with them .
movie time! that's the end of my BKK post ! Happy New Year everyone =))))))))