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hello my supportive readers who still reading my blog even though i've been abandoning my blog for certain time ! *** blowing kiss ***

if you are following me in Instagram , you definitely know that i have changed my color into a darker color which close to BLACK ! this time, B for BLACK not BLONDE ~~~

so what do think??
no doubt mummy papa are very happy with my new hair color because they always think that an elegant girl shouldnt have colorful hair==

somehow i started to miss my blonde hair in the next day of having black hair ><  #mothernatureofgirls

Just another update of my recent life. Was sick like a dog last week during WeChat event (here the post) , recovered in a bit after three days but flu & cough came to attack me.

today i fall sick again. i was so nervous then purposely checked some sources from online regarding the symptom of DENGUE! and i fulfilled 50% of the symptom !

went to visit doctor and had blood test. (one of the most terrible things i always avoid of because i afraid of injection T.T )

fortunately , i didnt cry inside the doctor's room and my body has no signal of DENGUE =)))))))))

and they will be my companion during my vacation tmr =(