kept dozing off from morning because i slept at 3am and woke up at 7am for fashion show just now. Now it's time to update my blog after taking a short nap, *****feeling powerful*****

just realized that i have not update you guys about my birthday dinner with hippo, as well as our birthday dinner *we share the same birthday hehe* 

Recalling back to the first day we met, he was an uncle-looking fat guy that grabbed my attention in class, LOLLLLLL usually handsome guy wont grab my attention @@ Never forget that he wore a coffee color shirt + loose jeans **seriously like an uncle** during our first day of college which was 3 years back !!!!!!

OKOK i know, not beating around the bushes I KNOW !!!!

Boyfie didnt inform me where our dinner gonna be. He brought me to pick my desire outfit a week before the actual date + bought my birthday gift too!

He brought me for fine dining, a french restaurant in town named Frangipani.
from my past experience , French enjoy their meal time a lot , they spend minimum of 3 hours to finish their meal ( what my lecturer told us ) . 

if not mistaken there are less than 20 tables being served there! what a comfortable place !!

Address : 25 Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact number: +60 3 2144 3001

Each of us picked the same Signature menu (Rm195++ per person) which consists of 3 courses + one dessert. not sure about others, but the price gave me a shock >< OR you may choose to order ala carte (price stated in pictures below). 

complimentary bread , love the butter so so much , tastes super duper good!! but as for the bread, i still prefer El Cerdo's. 

drinking my all-time-favor, bitter lemon!

We chose the same starter and main course but different larger starter.


Boyfie loves this a lot,  i personally think that this starter totally differentiate this restaurant from others. *** thumbs up *** It coupled with Chopped Parsley, Chive, Garlic, Quenelle of Mashed Potatoes, Aïoli and Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. 

Second starter

look at it !!!!!! i can smell from here LOLLLLLLL !!! the diameter of each scallop was like 3-4cm ~~~ It worked harmoniously with Mango Julienne, Cilantro, Sesame Oil and Chillies

i tried a single small portion but my tongue didnt like it LOLLL. BUT it doesnt mean that you would not like it too . everyone has different taste bud, right...........

~~~~~ while waiting for main course ~~~~~

Main course

honestly, this was my first time trying Wagyu, surprisingly it didnt dissapoint me =)))))))))))))))) juicyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!! LIKE! (personally love medium rare)


dont you think the shape look really awkward............... errrr LOLLLLLLLLLL filled with Creme chantilly, Candied hazelnuts, Toasted almonds and French meringue. Not so sweet (boyfie agreed with me) and tastes heavenly good  yummmmmmmehh!! 

blurred >< so sad T.T

Jumpsuits from Miss Selfridge | royal blue heels from #vivimodahouse 

and....... my birthday gift is baby Sony 3N camera which i have been using it to take photos for one month. had been struggling whether to get my desire Casio TR15 (bf knows i wanted it for so long) aheemmmm the price is around Rm3k+ !

After thinking rationally, i chosen 3N >< but still i want to get TR!!!! #girlsbeinggirls bang wall ==!