My brain has been running marathon for the whole week due to my final exam. well well well, i admit that i always study at the eleventh hour , *** cover my eyes ***

and finally ! finally i finished my exam and now started to enjoy my long sem break til next Febuary. It feels like im upgrading myself to another level in my life because i will be finishing my Degree next year. Time flies, it has been 3.5 years being a college student.

1. Miseoul fashion show with vivi models !

Glad that i could work with my babes and cat walked for a Korean fashion show at Iseatan , KLCC. There were also ViVi models, top 20 of Muse Search 2013.

you must have no idea how pale i look without make up ! T.T dark hair color soon! 

and we transformed into super models look haha~~

this was my look for the show, pretty love it! 

with all fabulous people that day ! hope to meet y'all soon =)))))))

2. Tried a new color!
colorful hair isnt my preference , not because of i hate colorful hair , but i dont think i could carry the style like babe Lumi >< SO i rather use Photoshop to color my hair , now i know how i look in pink purple hair LOLLL WHAT do you think??

you know this is if you're following my IG! 

3. Downloaded Dayre
the first person i followed in Dayre was Fourfeetnine . A great app for everyone especially bloggers who are lazy to blog by using your pc.

You can:
update status/short post with stickers
update tons of photos + cheking in places
update your sexy videos

How to follow your favor people?

click explore !

type their name/blog name ( choose whether search by tag or blog) , hehehe type my blog name if you wish to interact with me =)

my feed ! spot timothy tiah + qiu qiu! 

So download this app and have fun !

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