few more hours to go and it's my day !!!!! purposely want to inform y'all aheemmmmmm

yay want to share some photos of my new hair color (for me it isnt my new hair color because it looks similar to my previous one but now is lighter !).

many people came and message me asking where i get my hair done and how much and what the color etc..........

wanna listen what comments i received about my new hair color??

                             "  some say i look fairer with this color  "

       "  some say look like korean girl's hair (not face OKOKOK LOLLLL)  "

                                                      "  some say : ouch your hair must be damaged  "

    "  some say i look like barbie (bf says is babi not barbie == he is so rude )  "

"  no doubt the elder say i look LALA==!  "

ok la i admit this color might considered as "seafood color" but PLS my personality is NOT LALA ! my mum says it looks like color of moldy wtf !!!!!

Im pretty sure that Im still who I am ~~~

Somehow i am not use to it because i need to put on make up to avoid looking like zombie OMG @@ anyway, just another try by not leaving my 20s blank hohoho wink****

1st day - look more greenish in real life

6th day  - still look greenish and everyone looks at me like im a monster ==!

7th day - greenish started to fade (yay!!)

9th day (ytd) - less greenish and can be called blonde 

ok answer your questions =)

Where i get my hair color done?

Tony & Guy , KL (opposite Fahrenheit 88 )

Who did it for me?


How much ?

FYI, you have to bleach your hair in order to get this light color. It costs around Rm500+ for my hair length.

How long it takes?

 It will be a long process (3-4hours) because you want NICE HAIR , isnt ??

The name of the color?

Victor told me that it's called "Matt blonde". You might find him in Tony & guy and tell him that you want Melissa's hair color. Easy way =)))))))))

not forget to mention that there is new brand opening in Publika.

New brand address

A1-G1-06 Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Mas 1, Publika.

Victor's contact number : 019 345 6302