It has been long long time since my last make up tutorial , right ? OK i know shut my mouth ****

recently my eye make up is getting natural compared to last time (without heavy eyeliner/ fake eyelashes/ superb enlarging color lens) . #youshouldhavenoticedthatright?  

i discoverd an online shop, thecandyskin, which selling cosmetic that is afforable + user friendly for beginner !! 

what i got from them :

Mineral eyeshaow (ivory lace, honey gold, australian amber)+ black eyeliner gel + eyeliner brush !

honestly , their eyeliner gel is superb!!! waterproff + anti smudge !! thumbs up ******* point is, they are selling at Rm39!!!!!!!! 

mineral eyeshadow , only Rm15 each color!!!!!!  from left: honey gold, australian amber, ivory lace. 

 Steps :

fine eyeliner will do !! recommend their eyeliner brush which only sold at Rm12. 

no mascara needed, but just dotting the eyeliner at bottom (inspired by vivi model, Reina)

final look without color lens , hope it doesnt scare you off lollll and WHY MY HAIR GROWS SO FAST ==!

make up of ytd at #churpout2013 !! it was really great meeting y'all and awesome bloggers !!

visit thecandyskin for more info and not forget to try their products =)