Too many photos in my pc and the storage is going to be not enough for coming photos lolll ! #toomanynicephotos

Went to Sunway Lagoon for MTV World Stage last month ! 

I thought it must be a sunny day so that i could enjoy the party with my hippo but it was drizzle of rain that night . Fortunately we were provided a rain coat each people by MTV World Stage in order not to get wet. Somehow some people didnt wear it because they were really enjoyed themselves there !

can see the rain drop on my rain coat?? 

you can see people holding umbrealla standing behind and K-Pop -- EXO was performing ! 

photo by MTV World Stage

i didnt take much photos on that night because my camera wast water resistant LOLLLL  
there were more artists like Far East Movement , Joe Flizzow, and Robin Thicke

Far East Movement did really rock the stage and everyone went dancing around ! | photo by MTV World Stage

Joe Flizzlow |  photo by MTV World Stage

here are some videos for you in case you didnt attend the party or you wished to recall your memory !

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