WOW cant believe it's end of October now, time passes so fast wtf !!

today is Halloween day, no doubt i didnt celebrate it but as usual i uglified myself lollll . this year i had no time to come out a better idea, i jus had my first exam paper yesterday =(

well well well this was my last year's look

friends told me i did scare them away hahahahaha what do you think???

this year, there is no one helping me to take photos,somehow i only took 2 hours to complete the whole process. clever clap clap*******

i think my idea of this year is kinda sucks la ==! like lame ~~~~~~~~~~  i sent a picture to my babes and Jessica says i frighten her , ******clamping fist*******

FYI, photoshop involved !!

acting cute kitten !


not forget to mention that this look insprired by Hello Kitty lolllll stop laughing pls i tried my best ><