OK im the laziest one among us three (me, Lumi & Jess) , cross fingers feeling proud******* 

because i was collecting some photos from Jessica and others !

We were required to be there in the early 9am. (it was too early for me OMG!!!! ) i went for movie the last night before it and reached home at 1am. I had to pack my luggage at the eleventh hour @@ 

spot the Celin* inspired blue bag?? It's still available now , market price :Rm100++, im selling at Rm40 (90% new) email me if you're interested .

a part of our pre-loved clothes here !

me of that day !

honestly, i was so so nervous ganjiong if no one came to support us , or i should say no one wanted to take picture with me >< seriously !!!!!! i didnt expect that there were actually few readers/followers of my IG came towards and asked for pictures !!! I FELT SO SHY!!!!!! 

i didnt know what to say, how to interact ( im poor in this), i am actually a talkative + straightforward person, just worried that my language hurt you and scare you off @@

however, it was great meeting new faces new friends there !! GLAD TO KNOW YOU ALL !!blowing kiss********

babe Jess!

So much of entertainment on that day, too bad i didnt get to take part due to i was staying at our stall. 
Bf told me he wanted to try the bungee jump , 

and said: " hey come to take photo for me ! it's my turn soon!! feeling excited****** "

me: " har?? why need to take picture for you? blog for u a? scratching head**** " (FYI, he seldom ask me to take photo for him one)
he : " haiyo just take some pictures for me la! "

i guess he wanted to know how he looked like when he was flying up there LOLLLLLLLL

peace pose***** he is ready!

I believe i can fly~~~~~~~~~ singing******

i believe i can touch the sky~~~~~~~ eh? sorry where's his head gone ==! failed me ****

no doubt many awesome bloggers were there ! skipping around********

le fashionista , Brian See, who sharing the same tent with us! 

le super duper famous blogger - Cheesie aka Ringo ! some fans are shouting out there i know LOLLLL

fighter's mama , aka Fourfeetnine !! you still look like a young teenager OMG !!! share us your beauty secret , puppy eyes*****

not forget this super cute Bobo Stephanie , want her face want her face !!!

lastly, thank you those who came to support #churpout2013 and us hehe!! feel great having a chance to meet you people =) hope to see more new faces next time !! Remember to tell me your name next time because i want to know all of YOU !

outfit of that day 

top from Miss Selfridge | High waist jeans from The It Girl Online | platform fron #Taiwan