Im now escaping myself from the busy city in Sabah. You would really have no idea why i flew all the way here lollllll!! It's kinda boring here you knowwwwww ><

Fortunately i dicovered an apps called ESCAPE, Celcom's latest apps, which is something like your personal dvd rental store, where you can either subscribe to one of their package and for RM25 you get yourself 30-day access to all of their movie collection. Ranging from movie to series, they even have k-drama though I am not a fan of it.

You can enjoy some entertaining movies via Mobile & PC !

If you want to keep your commitment low, Escape allow you to pay as you watch, where they charge you RM6 per movie this give you 2 days of access to movie, or you can even watch movie on the go for as low as 80cents per hour. Though I feel that their package is much more worthwhiel especially you are a movie buff who watches a lot of movie all the time like me =))))))))

Escape also comes with mobile application, they are available on both Android and iOS so you will never have to stop watching the movie you love.

visit ESC now and register an account for FREE!