Bet everyone here has your own hobby/hobbies right? My usual hobbies are shopping , eating and watching movie. Sorry not reading . Yes i hate reading any single long article no matter in Chinese or English, except ghost story. evil smile********** hehe

I had tried to make it as my part of life, but i failed == Apparetly this is one of the reason i dont write long blog post lolllll

what i mentioned above are usual hobbies, how about my actual hobby? I love DIY cards for my family and friends. 

Too bad i will only being motivated once in couple of months?? meaning i couldnt do it in every week/month, but when the motivation came and knocked my door , i could sit there for few hours just to make some cards. geddit? haha

Just becasue of babe Jessica's 18th, i decided to make her a birthday card. no doubt i have made some extra cards for my love. 

the top left one was for babe Lumi hehehehe~~~ hope she loves it !

the bottom one was for hippo. get some idea for valentine' day card???

and finally this was for babe Jessica~~

"group photo" lollllllll OPS  the one for hippo was missing here ><

ok just a short post for today, cant wait to update about babe Jess's birthday celebration!!