Hello happy Saturday every beloved readers here!!!!!!! i just wake up from a nap LOLLLL slept from 7pm just now (10.30pm now ) i know im lazyfella , cross fingers********

wanna share with my about my outing with babe Jessica ytd. yup just Jessica , babe Lumi wasnt free to join us , down in the dumps*******

I planned to bring her to Dreamz Bakery to pay a visit > boutique shopping > dinner at Poco Zakka @Sunway Giza.

everything went well but our dinner at Poco Zakka was aheeemmmm>< tell you later !

cute girl acting cute in front of magic camera!

me by magic camera. i can say it's really miraculous as i didnt wear color lens on that day.

after a while we shift to another table for greater lighting , we ordered the same Carbonara ! i could finish it!!! clap clap *******

act cute again! ok la, she is cute indeed !

i ordered a pc of mille crepe as well but we were busying to take photos , end up i forced her to finish it LOLLLLLL 

by iphone 4S. 

thank you babe for taking from a very good angle hahahah ~ can you just ignore my little cute tummy? dont look at it, it will feel shy har! 

nah, the big different without magic camera == i want TR350 so badly !! 

we were then went to Aurora boutique which was just nearby.
Apparels there are more to casual , simple, Mina style.

bags section ! 

haha my photographer appears in the mirror LOL !

 love this yellow heart-shaped bag !! babe's hair so nice!

we tried some apparels and gonna show you now !  
ps://All items i picked below are good in quality !

sexy showing shoulder top  (price at here) + stripe skirt (price at here)

peace white top   + mono print skirt ! (price is not available for these two because they're new items and not posted in their website yet. Do save this picture and show them if you're keen to purchase / wait for few days until they update their new collection ya )

lace outer  (price is not available in website, do check out their store yo )+ maxi dress ! 

this maxi dress makes me look slimmer, a must get item!! price & purchase it here

my super sweet babe ! 

will reveal what we picked soon in my instagram / facebook/ blogpost ! hehe~~

oh ya, they're having great promotion now , most of the items are 40% discounted ! Aurora's members will get additional 10% meaning 50% discount !!!

How to become their member?
Purchase >Rm250 to become Aurora's friend.
Enjoy 10% discount on all non-promotion items .
20% Birthday discount.

Purchase >Rm500 to beocme Aurora's family.
Enjoy 20% discount on all non-promotion items.
30% Birthday discount

i will suggest you to visit their stores for more choices (many many choices!!). of course you may visit their website to purchase as well ! for your info, we went to Damansara branch.

Website: http://www.aurora-fashion.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malaysia.auroraboutique?fref=ts

with their manager there. thank you for being helpful and your suggestion !

after that we went for dinner at Sunway Giza. We were planned to have our dinner at Poco Zakka but too bad it was not there anymore== mood down ! We then had our dinner at Tokyo Kitchen.

seriously i love Japanese food so much (i just had japanese food again for my lunch today)!!

aiya messy hair>< never care , eat!!

and OOTD time!  

white single from Zara | skirt from Just One & Only | mint clutch from Uglyduckling | silver heels from ViVi Moda's house