Hello readers and also sorry to all of my beloved readers on account of my laziness to update my blog 真的很抱歉 我实在太懒惰了><

before turning myself into couch potato, i should work hard and update frequently 抓紧拳头*******

last few weeks was tagged by babe Jessica to the Elianto X Mivva bloggers gathering at Delicious, Duo Residency. and i got to know that the dress code of that day was - Blue OR White

I randomly matched my outfit with only white and blue color(i have less white nor blue apparels@@)  and i had no idea why i managed to match them like this not bad mar horrrr lollll seriously i cincaily match de== i know you feel like whacking me 我没有说谎呀!

by Jessica's TR150 yo! camera that i really die for  ****** ok emmm pls ignore those goodie bags lolll

 honestly i think I was over-dressed ><  it was too sweet for me , recently im trying to turn myself into boyish + girly look , meaning not too sweet not too cool , geddit????? HAHAHAHA

how do you think???

well im going too far and beside the point of today x.x

we reached there around 2.25pm and the event wasn't started yet. eventually we had some tiny time to take pictures (self-obsessed time har you know right) 

met KahMon who looks freaking young compared to her real age (ok i should keep silent shhhh) i know you have secret of keeping yourself to look this cute, share with me plssss

each of us found teddy bear on our chairs, which i hate the most lollllll serious, i hate teddy bear the most because it makes me look stupid taking pictures with it ><

disclaimer: taking pictures with teddy bear doesnt mean that i love it OK! come on serious la =)))))

Jessica, me , Kahmon aka Bendan

babe Jessica pls stop showing me your cute face, you make me feel myself OLD == 和可爱美眉拍照总是吃亏x.x

and now me holding the teddy bear , trying to be friendly to it lolllll acting cute at the same time!

with babe!

The event started around 2.50pm by a representative of Elianto and afterwards handed to Jane. She explained and gave us some description of the Lumino White skin care products. 

And, Chenelle with zero make up except light eye make was invited for demonstration. OMFG she has super smooth and clear skin which every girl admires!! ME ENVYYYYYYY =))))))

Why you should choose Lumino White??

- Paraben FREE : a kind of preservatives.

- Phthalates FREE : mainly used as plasticizers.

- SLS & SLES FREE :as what i heard from Jane, it can be found in shampoo, it produces foam which we always think more foam = cleaner ?? right? so we're wrong. this is just marketing!洗发精越多泡沫不代表把头发洗得越干净呀!

- Dermatologically tested

- VIVO Efficacy Results 

- Supported by test data

- Petrochemical FREE : no mineral oil= no clogged pores !

products we got from Elianto

there was Q&A section for us to win home extra goodie bags! too bad i didnt get to answer lollll 

and i was surprised that i won the best dressed award of the day LOLLLLLLL i was like : har? what happen?? wtf what? until Jessica happily said: you won neh ! nah i told you ! hahaha 好啦我是有一点点开心啦哈哈

photo grabbed from Famepop(FB).

it was a goodie bag that filled with cosmetic and imma going to give it out soon as i still have plenty of unused cosmetics @@ i should invest more in skin care i know!!

after that, we served by Delicious's high tea sets ! unfortunately we couldn't finish them even half? ehemmm i was just too shy to eat in front of public lolllll 


and took some pictures with other bloggers too!

le Chanwon

le natural beauty Ashley and i always love her style even though i dont dress like her style hehe

le super pretty Chenelle Wen=))))

this is not blogger but founder of Mivva- Michelle. very pretty har!

lastly , picture with Jane who tried her best to let us understand about Lumino White=)

before going home, we(me and babe Jessica) took some pictures for each other weeee

this is "flip hair" pose you know! by tr150. 

by gf2~ this is "look at there" pose!! 

"look camera" pose

"look at there" again lolllll

"look down pose" hahhahaha 

outfit of that day:
flower band - Diva
white simple dress - H&M
white socks - Topshop
Royal blue heels - ViVi moda's house  (mad love !!!!they're also selling clothes etc.... )
heart-shaped bag - TheItGirlOnline (one of my favor online boutique which has efficient service !!)

i have not try out those skin care yet as i am repairing my skin. yet i tried their CC cream(Amazing White) and it is recommended for you all! it brighten my skin with luminous result, but not oily=))))) 

they have Infinity Youth CC cream too which is for anti-aging purpose. 

best thing is, it will automatically match with your skin color. not to worry about too dark or bright color! and it has SPF 40 PA+++ !!  

ok good night , it's late now =)