hello people, my mood is still down, guess many of you are same as me here due to the GE13 two days ago =( anyway, we should keep silent now because dark night rises soon!

what i could conclude from it was, we should thanks to the advanced technology that allowed us to update and snap-down any gainful videos/pictures as a prove!

so my topic of today gonna be Smart phone - the newly launched of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One!

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My dad is always Samsung's loyal consumer and he was so excited for the new S4 , bet he is going to change his S3 to S4 soon ! he told me that S4 has bigger screen , and he loves the eye-control &hover gestures ! WHAT IT IS??

The eye-control features such as Smart Pause which pauses video when you look away, and resumes the clip when you look back. Eye-tracking gestures are in place, while you can scroll through content by tilting up or down. COOL right?

no doubt S4 has faster professor compared to S3.

Anyone keen with it ????

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OK just now was talking about my dad and now my bf's turn. lollll he is super fans of HTC ,and he always says HTC is the best , yet i usually give him a troll face because i dont want to let him win !

not sure he is going to replace his current OneX with the new one or not, but i know he keen to have a look and play with the apps on it ~

How it looks like?

WOW, the design not bad har ! i think it looks futuristic , seems like it used by Iron man or some heros in action movies lollllll thinking too much >< honestly i love the design =))

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The New HTC One
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bf would love it because he loves listening to music all the time using his smartphone !bf , if you're reading this, dont you sam yuk yuk ? lolll trolllllll ******

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