i love food so much but i hate fat! i believe that i have gained some weight recently >< must announce here otherwise you will get shock if you met me in person -wtf why the melissa so fat one 胖死了胖死了

too bad i have two tiny and eat-all-the-time-but-gaining-zero-fat babes=(((((((((( haiz you know right? the feeling of shilly-shally whether to hate them of love them 有一个吃不肥的好朋友已经很痛苦,可是我有两个,妈呀@@ __________________      ok la just jokingggggg!!! i love them hehe~~~

oh yeah this was my first time visiting Acme Bar & Coffee (also known as ABC, sound cool right ! tell your friends :lets go ABC!!)  who are the two babes i mentioned?? guess most of you get it right ---- Miss Lumi & Miss Jessica (Nuffnang's blogger of the month of April hehehe)

and, they also love photobomb!

the second date with Jessica, she is really a sweet-smiling girl + fair & smooth skin she has! cute or not ??? =)))))) message to Jessica: dont complain you look ugly or what in this picture, because i love it har! 

we were quite hungry (ok la i was the most hungry one) so we rapidly ordered our meals. We ordered two breakfast meals for sharing , fortunately we could finish them! Lets see our food!

well this is Hot chocolate ordered by me=)))))) RM15.00~

 Acme's Breakfast club, Rm33.00~ non of us able to finish this personally so hmmm better share with your bf/gf /someone !

(ps:// red-in-color= what we chose)
You may choose for your own :

  • Bread (Rye, Sourdough, Wholemeal, Italian-Sun dried tomato)
  • Two organic eggs (Fried, Scrambled, Poached)
  • Meat (Own-made salted beef, Smoked turkey breast, Chicken sausage)
  • Two sides (Grilled tomato, Sauteed mushrooms, Baked beans, hash brown)

Coddled eggs around RM20++,  Organic eggs with spinach, Beef bacon wrapped snails, and Sourdough bread. i didn't try on this because i seldom eat or should be said i do not eat "half-boiled eggs" in this way lollll

babe Jessica !

half face of the exclusive babe Lumi ~~~

she says: THIS ONE NICE HAR, I WANT ALL, YOU ALL DONT EAT! lolllll ok my self-constructed caption=))))))

Jessica says: look at there look at there, nice ah nice ah ! wtf this is real one lo not edited conversation HAHAHHAHAHAH

THIS AUNTIE's FACE HAR!!!  my face when Jessica keep taking my photos and i say: woi, enough lo!

ok normal one!

photos of us by TR150.

lastly, our OOTD pictures here!

the anime babe - Galaxy collar dress + black sneakers

the fantasy babe (why this name because she is Kpop fans!) - math equation top + leather skirt. 

finally my turn!!! 

close up of the trendy silver heels ~

back view of the striped dress! love it =)

striped dress from TheItGirlOnline 
silver heels from ViVi Moda's House

ok tadaaaa..... going to practice for my presentation , bless me ><