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ohaiyo!! today gonna be a short update about my short trip to Hatyai last two week with le bf hippo and his family =) 好临时的旅游,也应该不算旅游吧哈哈!!

it was a 'last minute' planning and fortunately daddy hippo still managed to get rooms for us. and we werent fly there but drove by daddy hippo & hippo ( i mean they replaced each other position when one got tired!) 

bf with his lil sis Robbyn =)

if not mistaken we arrived at city around 12.30am which was 11.30pm in Thailand but people there had started their water war wtf so fast==! our car was covered by [ powder+water= sticky liquid ] 还以为是面粉,我白痴摸了摸嗅了嗅,才知道是爽身粉哈哈, but we were sitting in the car ,enjoying how people had fun outside and also had fun with our car @@ lolllll 

ps:// outdoor photos taken by iphone4S due to laziness + not to let my camera WET hohohoh

guess they are malaysian !

however we still went for supper before falling to sleep, no doubt everyone got wet there !!

the second day which was also the Songkran (we called 泼水节 in chinese) , no matter where you come from, which religion, how is your face expression, how you dressed up....etc , you still get WET!! this is their culture, how Thai celebrates their biggest festival . 所以最好不要穿得美美的,坚持要浓妆吗?记得要是防水妆喔!

not sure whose head was there , sorry uncle >< it was early morning 10am++ in Thai.

no matter uncle auntie papa mama brother sister children , most of them had a water gun on their hand to attack each other.

GREAT NEWS- i didnt purchase neither small nor big water gun there@@ 所以就一直躲起来 seriously i didnt want to get WET , perhaps i just wanted to see how people get WET hahahahahaha

can you feel the crowd??? bet most of them were from malaysia!

feel the coldness of ice ??? 真的都是冰块耶!看了都好冷@@

this was how i protected myself and i thought i able to skip the war, but end up ....... (sorry forgotten to take a photo of after )

we did enjoy the trip even though we didnt get to shoot other LOLLLLL yup, everyone should visit Thailand at least once in their life during Songkran festival!! MUST!!! 真的很不错的经验啊!

before ending this post, here some photos to be shared

bf's youngest sister, Robbyn, her name sounds cool right ?

and also bf's younger sister, Shannon, me & Robbyn took some photos in hotel room before getting WET.

le cutie Robbyn ~

for your information,you can still dress up nicely before the day or after the day of Songkran , just not on the actual day=( for those wearing contact lenses, beware of getting water in your eyes because people will regardlessly pour the whole pail of water to you , i experienced it @@ 隐形眼镜差一点就移走,吓死了!!

with le bf , he always shy to take photo=((((

and my outfit of last day matching with jumpsuits ! simple top from Miss Selfridge | Canvas shoes from Nike |  jumpsuits from VIVI_Moda's House   

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