high tea with anime (look at my post title!!) ?????? YES !!! last Friday had a high tea session with my babe Lumi (who has an anime hair , she previously had green now pink) at Botanical, Bangsar Village II. Do goggle for more branches. 

you know the AWKWARD MOMENT when people starring at your friend and you??? wtf because her hair always captures public's attention @@ 到底她像怪兽还是我像怪兽啊?哈哈~~

their expressions were like: why the girl with pink har? why the one beside her is gold hair? why they dont dye the same pink hair? ORRRRRRRRR why one tall one tiny??? LOLLLLLL ok la the last one was joke heheh~~~

both of us did some survey of cafes before our date. end up.....Botanical was our choice and guess we didnt regret having our high tea there har =)))) 没有试过的就应该继续看,试过的也要看(强迫性********)

We ordered the high tea set (T42) which highly recommended by most people. And how it basically looks like.  卖相也很不错哈!

remember to start eating from bottom to top wink ****** but if you were preferred eating from top, WHO CARES?? just be yourself har=)

while waiting..............two sexy bitches here HAHAHAHAHAHHA sorry for being rudeXD 两个人一起话题就很不淑女了@@

by S3 front camera~ 

High tea set served from 3-6pm daily. 

- for 2 persons, portion is huge for us so should be sharing by 3-4 persons. 
-Rm59.90 (costs around Rm70 after tax)

Oh ya, you can 
choose one dessert and 2 cups of drink (coffee/tea)

rate: 7/10 (honestly speaking it was better than Delicious)

sources below copied from biggroup.co

Egg Mayo Sandwich on Baby Cuboid Loaf | Cheese & Branston Sandwich | Mushroom Bruschetta | Caramelísed Onion & Mascarpone Vol au Vent | Cucumber Finger Sandwich  

Freshly Baked Scones with Pure Cream and Berry Preserves | 
Baby Raspberry Jam Doughnuts| Macarons | Madeleines | Marshmallows

 didnt try on the sweets, so no comment . 

Purple met purple. Bracelets frm Diva

Someone busying on phone with someone. hmmmmmmmmm 

 Environment was good and enjoyable for people to chinwag especially GIRLS!

after it, we went for burgerlab. (even though my stomach was fulled, but i insisted to have it so i ordered for take awayXD ) 

thats all for today. many posts to be updated this week =))))))))

 posing with babe's sunglasses, but was too small for me == it supposed worn by kids la XD