hello readers! sorry for keep abandoning my blog=(((( nah i told you i just started my degree life in new college so everything is strange and IMMA busy with my assessments @@ more tests coming up too =((((( 忙惨了==!

if you were keen in party, bet that you heard of FMFA??? FMFA stands for Future Music Festival Asia~

thank you NN for the vip passes. however there was no different btw vip & normal pass (my opinion) LOL except standing position @@
 i skipped for the first day (since i didnt have friends going there with me so hmmmmm) i went for the 2nd day which was ytd night, tagging along bf with me (or else who able to drive me there??? ). fortunately i managed to meet a blogger friend - Bendan.me there hehe =)))) 

while i was walking towards the entrance , i heard music and singing of : hey......sexy lady.......... 
shit!!! i missed PSY's performance T.T whack******** 

we reached there at 9pm and road side was fulled of carsssSSSSS OMG even vip parking section was closed too><

 found a place to park our car but also paid RM20 == (lesson learned: go earlier next time!!! )  then how? still need to walk a long distance to get to the entrance (  i was started sweating before reaching the entrance !!)  付了钱还要走好,都流汗了********

bendan says hello !

Ferrari's booth~

we met bendan and her bf at Ferrari's booth and played some games there.

dare it or not???? you have to find a car key inside this @@

picture while wating for game! you will get a chance to lucky draw a gift (perhaps ferrari's cap) if you completed 3 games. 可是我都只陪男朋友玩

Marlboro's booth ~ 

bumped into babe Derella there !! 有和她工作几次哟~~

photos taken by a photographer in Marlboro's booth.  

love this very much har!!

there was also an MTV' s booth where you may pick 1/2 friends as your partner/s to record a 10sec video. (hair accessories provided LOL)  but sorry i was shy to performance haha

lil bow hair style of that day, still acceptable har =)))) used almost half hour for it @@ 就第一次绑花了好多时间汗****** and new color by Yoshi at number76. 

edited by meitu~

dont you feel odd why i never talk about the performance??? LOL LOL LOL

there were few stages for us to enjoy different shows and i had no idea which stage to go so eventually just follow the crowd! LOOK , there was a map for us (imagine ......)

guess everyone was enjoyed for both 1st & 2nd day ! 

ops bf looked freaking ugly here so not to show !!

not sure who was performing there @@ but the stage was crowded and packed with people! 

we managed to get some snack/food/drinks at the f&b corner. seriously looked like night market LOL

due to tiredness we went back early at 12am, however we really enjoyed our night =))))))

random petite from Topshop
flower printed sunglasses frm F21
belt frm H&M
animal printed high waist short frm TheItGirlOnlineBoutique
neko platform frm Taiwan