i was still thinking about what title i should put for this post wtf @@ malacca trip??? swimming at the pool?? taking photos at the pool?? errrrr.....  好难决定呢~~

nvm, i will start typing first instead of stuck at the beginning ! yes, went to Malacca( i always wrongly spell as Melacca==) last weekend with le bf , sis and bro. we stayed there for a night at Bayou lagoon park resort.  We spent around 20 mins to get to the city from our resort . errr... still considered as acceptable distance har??? depends depends ~~ 

do googgle for more info. if you're interested with it. 有嬉水泳池,朋友一起去还不错的!

all photos in this post are either taken by bf's camera or iphone. nah i tell you now, didnt use my gf2 to take picture recently>< perhaps imma deciding to get another camera! so need to earn more $$ 钱好重要啦=(

Outfit of the day :
Top from Lavishe 
Necklace + bracelets from Lovisa (sound like love Melissa?? Hahhahah~~~ )
Random short frm Mango
Black heels frm Taiwan

I had blocking teaching class that day so we reached the resort at evening time =((((((  luckily we still managed to swim (or I should say PLAY WATER玩水啦!) obviously there isn’t a place for us to swim but you could have fun there ! it’s like a XS size of sunway lagoon LOL

I was trying to PS to have a sexy back but unfortunately I FAILED!! Admit I m not a PRO in editing photos@@

i had 3 sets of bikini in my life , i had thrown the first two sets, and my third set was too huge for me (stupidly bought size US12) and it was frm ROXY (so i still keeping this)! 我很喜欢比基尼可是买了都没穿@@

omfg i think it's such a waste when i purposely purchased one set of Rm180++ bikini just to swim and take pictures >< moreover i just wear once and leave it there in my wardrobe until the next swim (i dont usually swim so it might be once a year ==) 一年游一次,不过分吧??哈哈

before getting this bikini ( as shown in photos) , i went to Sunway pyramid just to seek for an affordable +nice+sexy bikini ~ found one in ROXY but it costs around Rm280 , how can i have the heart to purchase it home??? BIG NO for me !!!! i dont think i should spend my $$ in this way . 

i found Sakana Bikini Shop by coincidence ~all items are in affordable price range (Rm 30-100) they have quite good feedbacks frm customers as well =) the best thing is, most of the items are READY STOCK !!huhu~~~大部分都是现货喔! 

think nothing much, so i ORDERED ! ( ordered on wed and received parcel on fri morning)  

The first thing I did after changing my bikini on was ----- Take photosSSS !!! after taking photos, bf had to bring back the camera back to the room before he could join us for water war wtf! Consequently he missed quite a lot of time har=(((((  don’t blame me lo~~~ 有照片分享就好了嘛⋯⋯(^O^)

spot my wet hair + waterproof make up haha! Wanna know which eyeliner im using in these photo? Read  this   how about waterproof brows?? Read  this

Well, photo sharing time ! 

Victoria inspired beach dress~~

Ok spot some fat ???? anyone willing to help me to PS it?? Show me the result , I would really appreciate haha 帮帮我"减减肥" 吧!

Thank you hippo for being my camera man although he has no professional skills as professional photographers. Apparently he tried his best , so much of love********** =))))))

hehehehehe now the turn of sexy makeupless photo LOL the one beside is my brother! 

the second day, lunch time! 

I don’t think you able to try cheap+nice chicken rice along Jonker road as the place is being commercialize  LOL my own opinion la ! this is the shop which my buddy Desmond introduced me (as Malacca is his hometown). seriously the shop always full of people, you will get a number after ordering your food at the counter. 

why many customers?? cheap! worth! nice as well(rate 7/10)  ! 食物都好便宜!!!

 From the left: sis’s fren, sis, me , bro’s fren) youngest sis wasn’t wit us due to exam week . 

Guess how much we spent for our lunch of 6 persons?? Chicken rice balls + half chicken + drinks = Rm23 in total WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where it is??

BB-376 Taman Melaka Baru,Batu Berendam,75350 Melaka.

Photos taken while waiting for coconut shake at Klabang. 

Ok that’s all for today ! ok this is my post title: bikini at the pool!  good night yo!! XOXO