YO the most important festival to us Chinese, Chinese New Year, is just at the corner! i guess most of you have bought new clothes, changed a new hair color/hair style, manicure + pedicure , decorated your house with some RED stuff , or for those who got married should be hesitating how much ang pao money to be given LOL!! 恭喜发财红包拿来~~

talking about my CNY shopping, i bought 3 apparels from H&M but i have worn one of them last week so now i left two new apparels >< 就是忍不住穿了== neither of them is  RED color, papa gonna scold me then . 

ytd went to Pyramid alone to hunt for some apparels for bf and also myself! end up i still managed to get 3 pc la, better than nothing. 省着用T.T 

the is the first year I bought least apparels for my CNY, just because i need to spend my own money to get them (cheapskate one me) so i rather save my money for something more important. no choice, my earning is not much $$ 钱不用啦朋友**

bo bian la, parents do not sponsor me and I never get pocket money from them since i finished my SPM in 17. So people, PLEASE appreciate if you still get pocket money from parents!有零用钱就不要嫌它少了=(

what i could do to get myself new apparels?? yay, increase my exposure + get more followers = SPONSORS!! for those who wish to feature in my blog/facebook/instagram , do email me har!!

something i have done recently:

[1]  Medi + Pedi

to avoid fully booking, i have done my new nail art last week. kinda early i know== nothing special on my toes, just apply matt red color, no picture to be shown sorry ********

i have chosen korean gel nail decoration for my fingernails and i love it very much=))))))

mei bu mei?????? heheheh

[2]  Support babe Lumi @Butter Factory

if you're my supportive readers (ok la at least jia jia say YES! ), no doubt you noticed that i blogged about babe Lumi has participated in ViVi Star Search lately. and i was so excited for her and finally the result is OUT!!! 

LISTEN FIRST kay, there was a fashion show organized by VIVI last week @ButterFactory . All 10 top finalist were there to present the best fashion show. miao miao walk ******* 

babe is here !!! clap clap clap come on clap la******

all of them look GREAT ! however, there was only 3 persons among them to be chosen and their names announced to be the winners =)))))) guess what, SHE IS ONE OF THEM omfg i almost tear when she was receiving the prize on stage 好泪浅啊我!

cant wait to support her by purchasing M'sia's version ViVI mag. (to be honest, i had stop buying magazine since 1+ year ago.) i usually get fashion trend news from net , goggle la~~

my look of the day

necklace + top from H&M (this is one of my CNY apparel hehe slap**)

[3] Joined Nuffnang's CNY shoot

i dont think i have told you all about this yet. few months ago i have been selected as one of the exclusive member of NN's exclusive Fashion Fabulous Group =) all of the members are keen in fashion, beauty....... 

back to topic, we had a CNY shoot last Saturday at Thean Hou Temple. Long time i didnt join for any photo shooting as im not keen with it anymore or should be say i couldnt find a photographer that suit me >< because i very choosy one haha 34很欠吧哈哈

here are some photos i got ! i had bad hair + bad make up + bad smile that day=(((( i hate morning shoot de .

with le babe Povy ~

gong xi gong xi , spot me not?? 

guess what? very lucky to meet Jimmy Choo there , is super lucky la 

stay tune for more photos , but i guess i wouldnt want to share because i sure look ugly one =((

anyway thanks NN for organizing this enjoyable event for us members to know each other more!! the best *****

[4] first magazine shoot with babe Mango

recalling my last time of magazine shoot, it was 2 years back which were Mina and Jasmine magazine. however this time the main character wasnt me but my mango-chan !!

 proud of her that get invited to join for pet magazine shoot!  will inform you all once the magazine is available =)))))) 

some back scene: 

ok dinner time bye bye yo!!!