hellooooooooooo finally i have the motivation to blog because kena scold by babe Lumi, complaining how come there are only few photos of my taiwan trip =( 不起我很

what I thought was, never mind ba since many bloggers already blogged about Taiwan so you all should be boring reading the same thing hahaha right??

BUT babe says : aiyo you’re different from others mar , blog in your own style ! (hello babe Lumi you’re like MAMA ) 妈妈你好!

Apparently I didn’t buy much but not sure where the money gone har >< perhaps keep on eating with the bf !

was hesitating which masks to buy yo!

Not going to show what apparels I have bought as I will share it in my fashion post hehehehe ( 很神秘那^.^) 

MUST get from Taiwan------ masks!! You will definitely love their Watson or Cosmed or Momo which mostly selling skin care products and affordable cosmetic!!!!  The point is, all are much cheaper than Malaysia’s retail prices har! MONEY SAVE=) ))))))))) 便宜好用的肤品和化品,尤其是日本开架式的,都好便宜哦!!一定要啊!!!

Personally love the Sexy look mask (black color) , fit my face shape and enough moisture~

I have been using the same eyelash curler which I bought 3 years ago from Shu Uemura, kinda kolian hahaha ~~ 用了3年的睫毛== so I decided to get one more from Shiseido and it costs me NT190 ! wtf so cheap (appro. Rm19)  they were having great deal that time har! Lucky me =) 

But I couldn’t determine whether it’s user-friendly  or not as everyone has different eyes LOL  so far it satisfied me !

Then, I bought a Kanebo Media loose powder which costs only NT300++ (appro. Rm30++) ! Forgotten how much it costs after discounted! Saw the appearance of this loose powder few times in different magazines and recommended by many people too! So I tried! Smooth and fine enough ! 有少少bling bling~~


Also bought a liquid eyeliner (Kanebo Media) + Shiseido Aqualabel collagen gel too! 推荐的产品耶!For your information, I have done a review post  here , do read hehe =))))))))  

 As I was “scratching head” what to buy for my babe Lumi, I passed by Ettusais’s department and eyes-captured by a baby’s picture! Meaning everyone, who uses their products will have baby skin haha, you want??? I sure my babe want, so I get something for myself and also her ! 

AC skincare skin version up extra (green bottle) and BB mineral powder for babe! She loves chemical-free products !

BB mineral cream + white serum dual effect for myself!  In a result, I received a free tote bag!!!! really keen with it har! This is the reason why I bought something from Ettusais for myself wtf! Because the tote bag is given to those who purchase NT2600 and above (appro. Rm260++) . 

Lastly I got something to give out har! I get this free from Cosmed (康是美) by using 6 stickers(forgotten how much must be spent to get a sticker) + NT190. 要送出哦! End up I don’t feel like using it because I have a lot of pouch>< it’s too cute for mummy right?

Suitable for travel use ! appro. 20cm *20cm

 so I decided to give it to my reader! (yea just one reader har!) wish to give out more also but sorry I only have one with me=(((((((

for those who wish to get it, do leave a comment here or email to melissa-1010@hotmail.com telling me what in my blog attracted you , don’t forget to leave me your mailing details (name, address, contact number) too! 

 dead line will be Sunday 8.00pm so i gonna reveal the winner at 10pm ! good luck=)