hello readers, today i have something beneficial to share har! not advert but my personal review on two products.

i got them from my taiwan trip , not both of them selling in Msia's physical store =( wait la , dont immediate stop reading after i saying : not both of them selling in Msia's physical store 

i bet you still can purchase them from online shop! 

Aqua Label Special Gel Cream with COLLAGEN 
- 90g
-Made in Japan
- moisture

when i was shopping in Watson (Ximen), i passed by the Shiseido's shelf and attracted by the word- " non sticky" ! 我爱!!!! 

oh? NON STICKY + MOISTURE + COLLAGEN !!! i love the word,collagen, so much and i was craving for a non sticky moisturizer too ! (because i have oily skin + sensitive skin@@) 我是油性+敏感肌肤T____T

in fact, i didnt put much expectation on it as it only costs me NT500++ (appro. Rm50++) . 

after few days coming back from Taipei, i decided to try it in a night. even the direction stated : use it after toner . but i still apply some gel(T-zone pore refining gel from Murad)  before it LOL 不听话=) 

you just need this much for whole face har!

however, my skin absorbed it in a minute, i touched my skin, eh??? why no sticky one? why feel smoother one?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH super happy******   

in the next morning, i touched my skin again, aiyo so moisture 好保湿 !!!!!!

finally i found a moisturizer which is not sticky and oily at all! so far, it does not cause clogged pores or ance (have been using it for 5 days). 不会造成毛孔阻塞/粉刺噢耶=)))))))

furthermore, i personally think that it can be used as sleeping mask, just my opinion larrr~~~

where to get?

Watson / Guardian 

how much?

 if not mistaken the retailing price is Rm69.90

Kanebo Media lasting eyeliner (brown) 
- liquid form
- not easily smudge

this another recommended product i got from Watson in Taiwan. i think it is not available in any physical store in Msia. (wish im wrong hahahaha)  

if you're really keen, then try to purchase from online store har! 马来西亚门市商店没卖,可以网购咯!

this eyeliner just costs NT200-300++ ( appro. Rm20-30++) before discount . 忘记多少钱了==

i tried it last Saturday afternoon, the results came out was natural + nice!! (the first photo in this post also using the same eyeliner)  

recommended for beginner or those who love light eye make up !!!!!!! 


test drawing on hand, fine or not???  of course you may apply one more layer for sharpen result on your eyes , blink *********** 

how is it??? hehehe

claim: waterproof!!! long lasting by not smudging !!!!! BEST + CHEAP !!!

ok wish you'll love my post har!! good night all=)