hello peeps, finally im back to my homeland-Malaysia ! however my soul is not here yet=( i miss Taipei very much har!!!  

someone noticed i was in Taipei for the whole week???? i bet some of you did⋯⋯(^o^) yay this was the first time me and bf flying together , appreciate ****** 

most of the photos taken are with bf now as i did not take much photos by using my gf2. failed blogger T.T  an account of just feel like updating my readers that I'M BACK , so not much photos to be shared here wtf sorry la hehe ~~~~ 

with my favor - braised rice yummmmmmm 

here a letter for my hippo boyfriend:

dear hippo,

  thank you for giving me a such memorable trip to welcome our 2013. i appreciate it (even i never show it through my face expression lol). i love comparing others' boyfriends, praising how they treat their girlfriends, how they surprise them, what branded bags they get for their girlfriends....etc. this is the way i share my envious, i do not mean to compare you with them or requiring you to be as romantic as them . 

REMEMBER, you have your virtues which not everyone could see it but i do. i feel sorry and guilty when i found that you only bought few things for yourself in this trip but letting me to spend all the $ =((((((((( anyhow i still shown you my anger for not buying enough, whacking myself**** looking forward for our next trip dearest=) i love you. 


well, just ignore the letter if it is disgusting LOL . will update about my taipei trip soon after collecting all the photos frm bf =)  happy weekends peeps !