hey yo beloved readers!!!!!

ytd went to Heineken Thirst Part at SIC with bf and babe Lumi, her frens joined us afterward! i didnt join this party before so i had no idea what my outfit should be =( 

photoBOMBER at the back !

for my opinion, party=sexy! LOL ok i not used to be sexy all the time right? 

so my coordination was a corset + long pant! the problem was....................................  my lingerie== 

omg she looks sexy or slutty ? naughty girl!! 

with le bf=)))

so far i have tried few types of NuBra but they do not "support" my breast and fall inadvertently , or else i have to wear an extra lingerie to hold it >< wtf how if it dropped while i was walking at the public area?????????? 

recalling back that babe lumi has introduced me an online shop------Mois invisible bra, which selling NuBra and she personally thinks that it's good to be worn ! 

i apace made my order and surprisingly they would like to sponsor me hohohohoh=)))))) for your information, mine is Strapless Adhesive Bra. selling at RM59.90

thus ytd was my first time wearing it ! and hurray that it sticked on me even i took out my corset ! was wearing it from 7-2am ! how many hours you count for me ba=))))))))))))

viscosity ☆☆☆☆

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my opinion: perhaps it's large piece in size, it might be seen if you are wearing loose singlet. 

so i must get their padded "dolpin bra" for better hiding & push up result shy************* 

for more information , do visit their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/mois13.com.my