super noise photo by iphone4s

well, i supposed to be in Skybar now for Heineken Red & green party>< i was well-prepared just now but after some times i only realized that i did not bring my memory card along WTF!!! so i told bf we better just go for supper ba@@

last Saturday me and bf had our first Christmas dinner at Thirty8,Grand Hyatt Hotel. we didnt have any celebration dinner last year =(((((

he is a kind of guy that does not know what romantic is, inconsiderate...... sometimes i used to be angry or can be said "blow off" why he is not as thoughtful as others' boyfriends. i know right, i am BAD! %$@*&%#@!#$

he could manage his work well but when it comes to relationship, he FAILED!! hahahahhaah

however, i do love him very much, he loves his family and of course ME !!!!!! LOL

ok skip those words and back to our dinner story. we used to have our birthday celebration here but something happened so we had to postpone it. 

i thought bf had forgotten about this but he surprisingly told me that we would have a dinner here after our final exam ! happy girl***********

i didnt take much photos as my baby gf2 did not perform well that night (or i am stupid)==


these are what we ordered that night. full enough har~~~

bf ordered this (i think he ordered for himself as he is on diet NOW!)  but i did not care and eat like a boss, perhaps for those who does not like vege will love it too=))

it is something like crab meat , but i am not keen with it @@

seems small portion here but it is actually huge portion for two persons! comes with sauce and i do love it! 

thirty8 significant dessert - the must order dessert in Thirty8 !

the environment is good, food is acceptable, service is good indeed! meaning what we paid off was WORTH! (this dinner costs us Rm250++)  but not to having meal here everyday la>< unless you're rich LOLLLLL

me of the day =)))))

omg i really love this photo =)))))))))))))))))

okok i should sleep early for better skin and healthy body hor>< good night people  !