well, i wasnt in that show so you dont have to look for my catwalk pictures here hahahahHAHAHA

but i might joining for the next vivi star search ( babe lumi and bf are so VIGOROUSly encourage me LOL)  wo bu neng rang ta men shi wang YO ! 

first of all, Lumi is taking part in the vivi star search and she is in TOP 10 !!!!!!OMG i was so SO SO excited when she told me about this ( ok la even i wasnt her >< ). 

i keep telling her pls win pls win because she really has the potential to become VIVI star, the most important characteristic is ---------her hair larrrrrrrrr ! CHIO enough de of course good looking hehe

now i need you all to click into this LINK  and vote for her , pls la pls la , begging *********** of course you still can vote for other contestants haha 

  ok la, if IF she doesnt win the contest, she is still the VIVI star in my heart lor~~ 

sorry if I disappointed you of not taking Cheesie's and Audrey's photos=(( me and bf were craving for brunch (was 3.30 that time) after watching the show and also took few photos of babe *******

nah she acts like: dowan see camera ~~~

sorry for blurriness, bf took that de !!!! blame******

yuhoooo nice make up right ??

babe with mama !

btw, foruchizu's clothes and accessories are  XXX (dont know how to describe ) just thumb up ****** 

me of that day !

ok bye bye revision now!! cant wait for friday -last day of final !! 

again pls show her some love by voting her here LINK