not related to this post , just a new cover photo for my fb hoho

i accidentally deleted the whole thing so i need to type it again== stupid me!

as what i put for my title, NX is an apps that allows people to read their favor blogs via smart phone.
making the long story short, i am encouraging you all to download this apps.

 Android :

Itunes :

 how to follow your favor blog? first, click the "add blog" button.

then, type your favor blog's name, i.e melissa1010 
well, you may follow mine XDDDDD

Why downloading this apps??
because you can communicate with you favor bloggers or can be called "chat" with them!!

anything you wish to know from me, just chat with me there hehe=)

you may also "favorite" the posts you love =)

ok i know no people wanna favorite my post, so im now need your support noh@@

for those who wish to put a NX gadget in your blog, here a tutorial for you from Ashley=)

hope this will help !