Remember these photos i posted in IG & FB? i got good responses of this look , teeeehhhhheeeeehohoho~ totally narcissism********

so i have planned for this make up tutorial since one week ago and finally i done taking photos of all the steps last Saturday ! i tried to write in English & Chinese in order to convenient most of you=))))  


these are what i usually need for heavy make up, you are not necessary to follow all: 

For face-


Rmb to mix the both foundation (if you were using two kinds of it ) and do not apply on your whole face area !! FOCUS on T-zone, cheeks ! 

 For eyes and shadow-

 For lip-

left out this cream so need to take it "individually">< (this is for eye)

well, this is how look after applying foundation + concealer + loose powder (bright light is the PS tool!) meaning i didnt PS all photos in this post at all! swear********

tips: try to use make up sponge rather than using brush or hand.

if you were accustomed to use hand, do pat on foundation like using moisturizing cream! (lightly!!) 

用手上粉底的美眉可以像上乳液的方式轻轻拍打直到服贴。 这样妆感更轻薄=)

Step 1: apply Canmake jewel star eyes cream !
           先上Canmake 的 眼影膏!

tips: try not to put on too much of smoke eye shadow, or else it make your eyes look smaller >< 
(depends on  everyone's make up skill though ) encouraging you to put more effort on eye liner part! 

小贴士: 浓烟大眼妆是漂亮,可是技巧拿捏没那么好就会==!! 建议把心思放在眼线上哦! 

Step 2: eyeliner ! keep it fine and clear, slightly rise up at the end of eyes , not much, just as shown in picture below =)
            眼线 !眼线要保持细和清楚, 化到眼尾时稍微上扬,不要拉到太长(切记!!)

Step 3: remember to enlarge your eyes by drawing eyeliner at the head of eyes (sorry i dont know what it called><) 

Something i forgotten to mention>< 
pls remember to fulfill the inner eyeliner too! it's so so SO important okay=)))

sorry if this photo is disgusting LOL

 Step 4: curler for??? of course eye lashes ><

Step 5: apply mascara 

Step 6: eyeliner is too light? do add on a layer by using eyeliner pencil or eyeliner liquid~

Step 7: stick on fake eye lashes ( do trim it according to your eyes' length)
            贴假睫毛, 先依照眼型修剪睫毛

this is how i look after these few steps! hehe nice not?? 

i know this is still not enough for you, so ...........

sharper nose now!!

Step 8: use eye brow powder for shadow! blend from the "brown colored part" as shown below 


sharper nose now! 

Step 9: apply blusher , blend it by finger (one enough!) personally love this blusher! waterproof perhaps=)
            上腮红, 用一根手指把腮红液慢慢晕染 ! 个人很喜欢这个腮红液,好耐嘻嘻=)

smile and find your cheeks LOL

Step 9: use concealer to cover the darkness or redness of lip (OK ignore my lip ==)


pale lip looking yay!!

Step 10: apply lipstick on the inner part of lip (not the whole lip OKAY!)

              把唇膏上在嘴唇内侧, 不是整个嘴唇!!

tips: it might be uneven color so use concealer to conceal it if necessary !

小贴士: 可能会有不均匀的颜色,可以用遮瑕再遮一遮!

 Step 11: lipgloss time! just MIDDLE part of lips! 

You may actually stop at this step or continue for bottom eyeliner

you will notice that i have worn color lens in photos below, is from Blincon (sorry i forgotten the name )

Step 12: draw fine eyeliner at the bottom of eyes (fulfill but not THICK!!) 

                下眼线也是细细就好, 把它填满可是不是填得厚厚的!

OK DONE!!!! like finally >< i used 3 hours for this post , dumb me =((((

wish this tutorial happen to be useful for you=)))))