sorry people, it had been one week i didnt update any post here =((( i suppose to be on the way to Kardashian Kollection launching now but due to transport and traffic issue (perhaps weather issue also) , i choose to stay at home >< bf says im bad girl ......

there is no title for my post because this gonna be a lil update of me. 
i have changes my hair style again, back to little girl look! bf says i look like xiao me mei and he does not love this look t.t upset to MAX******** 

and dye my hair again since the previous color has faded! bless that it wont fade like hell because recently i love dark color ~ it actually look greenish under indoor lighting ! 

 i am keeping my hair long so probably i will not cut it anymore except trimming ! oh yes, i have tried the Ultra Sonic treatment in number76 too! 

what i would say is, it is really awesome! i thought nobody can save my 'grassy-hair' in this world@@ my hair is really smooth after it and it only takes 10-20 minutes time! i think i need the treatment once a month, guarantee result hoho!! 

ok nothing to blog so bye bye ^^