half hour left before 1010 end! i have great celebrations this year! 

but today wasnt go smooth as what me and bf have planned=(((((((  unfriendly weather wtf! so our celebration dinner might postpone to next week !

anyway i still want to say thank you for those who sent me msg via mobile , msg and comment via FB, comment via IG ............ my walls are fulled of LOVE^^ so sweet of you all har~~~~

sorry that i couldnt reply one-by-one ,but BUT!! i read all of your wishes!! i swear i do=)

today not going to share my celebration first as i have not collected all photos from babe Xin wei (my camera was out of battery during our date@@) , will blog ASAP okay =)))))))))

took some photos with babe Mango just now haha

she looks so unwilling =(

babe pls look at the camera!

yes what's up????? take photo?? sure!

kisses mummy take one !

kisses mummy take two!!!

sorry,mummy pls be fast, im sleepy zzZZZZZ

ok that's all for today , wait! WAIT! i have not tell my wishes for this year><

first wish is for all of you ( especially my readers haha) , wish all of you are happy , healthy and safe always!!! you know, now M'sia is fulled of crime=( so be careful where-ever you go (especially female!) 

second wish is for my family and love, grandparents daddy mummy uncles aunties bro sis and also bf, wish all of them smile everyday, healthy, safe and succeed for every single thing they wanted! i love you all very much 

third wish must be myself right? so wish i can move further and furthest in my blogging life!! so i could share my life with most of you=)))))))))