Last Saturday went out with bf for the whole day and i enjoyed it as we dont really spend the whole day together often. 

i have planned to visit Dreamz Bakery for long long time but my dream always never comes true=(((( eventually i could visit the cafe last Saturday =))))))))

for your information, it located at Damansara (near Sunway Giza) . 
and here the address : No32-1,The Strand,Jalan PJU 5/20D, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

You have to order at the counter and pay first. after a tiny time (few minutes) , they will send you what you have ordered. 

bf was playing with his phone ( wtf is -obviously ==) 

spot the girl behind? i think she has great smile hehe~~

i was happy like a kid when i stepped into the cafe!( imagine when you reach a place like kindergarten) not saying that it is for children but it is really a comfortable place=))))))))))))) a chilling place for couple and friends!

a part of decoration .

very very simple nice decoration and furniture.

honestly i have tried few cafes in KL which selling mille crepe cakes, but unfortunately no one has actually reached my satisfaction T_______T 

I am a big fan of mille crepe cake !!!! there is impossible for me to get to Melacca just for the Nadeje Mille crepe right? LOL (i used to think of it) 

until the day i tried Dreamz bakery's , i swear i fall in love with it wtf@@ ( i need to swear again im not doing advert for it virtually

i ate two pc of vanilla favor mille crepe cakes + a Carbonara!!
i didnt even care about FATNESS=)))) lalalalalalalala~~~

omg SLAVERING== it costs Rm9.50 / pc

bf ordered this for me ( no doubt hot choco!)

he ordered the carbonara too! it costs around Rm11++ , kinda worth =)

some pictures before leaving! i love how they decorate the whole cafe 

after brunch we went to Ikea for lil shopping. ( am i need to talk about this? ok skip!)

we had our dinner at Bumbu Bali, Sunway Pyramid. bet most of you who always hang out at Pyramid will know about it ! It is a Bali style restaurant, where most of the food are actually grilling. 

take picture while waiting for food is one of most common things girls will do LOL

happy girl with her happy meal hahaha

he was like :can you pls be faster im hungry><

the food there is not bad and affordable price too ! portion is HUGE!! sometimes bf cant even able to finish it=) imagine his size ********* so you know the portion now ya hehe

oh ya! i love the kitten knit cap i wore that day very much and it costs only Rm29.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's frm H&M ya=)

ok bye bye and good night all my readers=))))))))))