So, last Wednesday was my actual birthday right, no doubt celebrated with bf! for your info., we have the same birthday hehe blush***********

we planned to have dinner at thirty8, due to capacity of customers so there was no reservation allowed=(( (they asked us to walk in) . in addition, bf's daddy called us for dinner + heavy rain = CANCELLED!! 

i told bf that i dolled up myself prettier than usual so we must at least have a high tea right? ( that time was 3pm) if he said no, i gonna bite him ==

simply picked the Harrods Cafe which has a huge bear in front of the shop! (we were in KLCC)

it focused my earring==!

fortunately no customers there when we walked in. ( i was like :yeah! so i could take pictures like no body else!)

some breads before meals!

bf ordered a seafood pasta and me just ordered a dark choc pie! and drinks as well~

fresh, i think portion too small for bf haha~~

nice but too sweet for me><

this is my hot choco! i forgotten what bf drank that day@@

you must know that im choco's big FAN!!! i dont lov coffee at all=(( i wil only order chocolate cream chips or hot choco in Starbuck wtf!! 

we didnt shop that day, but were rushing back to bf's house to meet his family. and now wanna show you my outfit of that day=))))))) 

dress from F21~

collar necklace from offline blogshop (Rm30++)

clutch frm Miss Selfridge (Rm140++, love it very much!!) , bracelet frm F21(Rm30++)

simple black heels frm MNG.

bf from somewhere. (Rm0.00) LOL

this is what you waiting for?? --Presents time !!

the day before my birthday, i received a bouquet of flowers surprisingly frm bf, blush again **** i told you i dont love flowers at all!! but i didnt say that i hate surprise , right???

got a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume from bf's dad ! never ever believe that i love the smell ( bf loves it too hehe) 

below are what bf bought for me! tiffany's earring and necklace=) very very simple designs .

and this is frm dad!!OMG i craving for it for long long time t.t  , he given me angpao also LOL 

ok, going to bath now! bye bye.