ok, just back from an event and now going to blog about my BC with babe Lumi , BC means birthday celebration (in case you cant get it) . 

we have promised each other to have an outing during our birthday, yup just both of us, no boy friend is allowed!!! 

as H&M is launched in M'sia and i got no chance to shop there during its launching week, so we planned to shop there !huhu~~~~~ too bad my budget is limited, thus i couldnt shop like nobody else=(((

and i need to mention that, all photos are grabbed from babe! you know why, my camera was out of battery when i took it out from my bag &*%%#$%%@@$ WTF!!!! ahemmmm....

ok skip the shopping's story and talk about our dinner!

for our shoppers' convenience, we went to Teeq restaurant which is at the rooftop of Lot 10 and also above the H&M !! hoho if not you know right, KL area is the traffic jam hotspot during evening time @@

before ordering, a servant came towards us and ask who is melissa? i answered: yes me. she passed me a gift and i was like: wtf wtf think nothing==

i asked babe : is that you??? or my bf?? but i dont think he will be here! (since i told bf not to kacau us LOL) 

babe Lumi: no! not me not me><

keep guessing and saw bf was in my sight far away outside the restaurant so i ran out !! 
guess what? tears dropped down and hugged him.

 bf waited us for so long (no wonder he kept calling me and asked where were us==) and i told babe Lumi: what the hell he keep calling me ! 

well, is kinda surprise , thank you boy friend=))))))) love u *****

ok have to admit that i love this hahahahahhaah natural laXD


yeah yeah!!

and i was trying to open it slowly wtf, actually i think of just tear it la aiyo 

have not take picture of what it is, will show you in the next post!

before dining~~

ok it's time to take picture with this babe! thanks for everything=) hehe you know how much i love you!!


omg she looks so SEXY !!!! 

cute face again=)))

environment there is acceptable and considered romantic as well !

food picture time!!!

appetizers for both of us, the fried tiger prawns tasted not bad, but another one is too salty for us=(

soup for sharing , so so ~~~

and some acting photos here ~~

look left~

look right~~

look in front!

main course for sharing also!

bu hao chi, but my face looks excited here@@

dessert- choc brownies , bu hao chi><  i rather get from Delicious =( 

ehem.....overall i will rate 4/10, service and environment are good! 
ok it's time to go to bed, good night!!! kiss******