just back from Murad beauty workshop, and now going to blog about my new hair color=)

my parents can be categorized as "strict parents" so they dont really like my blonde hair>< 

they say it's just like "LaLa girl"(seafood) , ah beng's girlfriend' ah lian !!! wtf!!

papa mama, this is Japanese trend la aiyo@@ however they couldnt accept it , haizzzz

have been nagging by them for so long , half year++ i think, so finally FINALLY i change it back to dark color!

the other reason is, my hair is spoiled like grass, blonde hair will make it more worst, no doubt dark color hair looks healthier , right?? must say yes la hehe

nah this is lala hair lol lol lol , and ugly root== , pls ignore my fat arm, dont challenge me hoho

i went to number76 ytd, told Yoshi i want dark dark brown color, sat down and started the progress.

he knew that i was rushing time .

babe xin wei was with me, because we were going to the same event ytd night.

Yoshi helping her to style her hair! so small , freaking small face !!

under yellow light 

so this is the outcome
love my peplum dress?? will blog about it soon hehe=)

with flash 1

with flash 2

is it look better? at least no more grass hair=((( oh ya, this is chocolate brown !

feel free to visit them at number76 , mid valley OR Mont kiara branch.