last saturday went to a beauty workshop which organized by Murad at Alexis,The garden. I believe most of you heard this brand yet dont really understand this brand like me ! i thought their products are for those who have terrible skin (pimples +++++)

until that day, i only realized that it has plenty series of products exclusive for diff kind of skins(normal, sensitive, oily etc) !

1- Fine Lines and Wrinkles, durian as ingredient and quite costly !!LOL but no durian smell at all la
2- combination skin/clogged pores (which i needed)
3- blemish control 
4- Age Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

these are only a part of their products, they actually have more !

some beauty tips that we must always keep in mind!

registering  ~~~(photo frm Murad)

the place for workshop~ nice decoration right? (photo frm Murad)

pretty Povy , she has smooth skin! (i was asking her to act, see so natural haha!)

before the talk started, with other bloggers! (photos frm Murad)

deng deng.........

posing for us to take picture LOL

the main person who gave us the beauty talk for one hour, sweet one!


everyone started to remove their make up ! i have super duper low confident of my naked face, shit! bad condition T.T

prepared by Murad team !

me in without eyes photos!

after cleansing and toner, MASK-ing time!

Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask ,personally love this ! 

just leave it for 10-15min.

while waiting, feeling cool like ice cube !!

continue by eyes cream, moisturizing, sun protector, primer...........etc too many steps so i wouldnt share you all of the photos>< too much

after an hour........................

FOOD time!
seriously i cant accept the taste of it>< so i gave it to babe Xin wei and also Povy >< 

main course,again with the "vege", i took them out before swallowing ><

dessert: Tiramisu cake ! recommended! i love it =)

thank you Chion for sharing us beauty tips , you're a nice person! should more concern on my skin care><  (my dress frm Miss Selfridge)

flower throwing time??

Xin Wei , me, Povy! photos taken by Povy's sony F3! like like like=))))))


group photos!! everyone seems so happy!! (photos frm Murad)

products i got frm Murad!

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