i got an email from Nuffnang regarding the invitation to Asahi bloggers get-together event which held at Marini 57. i was like: ops , omg really? i wanted to go that place for so long >< 

worrying bf of down in the dumps, so i consoled him that i will go with him again if the place is worth to be recommended! haha

it was great that they allowed me to invite blogger friends =)

so of course, my babe Lumi aka Xin Wei was included !!! and i had invited ZhaoYu whom we never met each other before=)

we were (me and Lumi) late there due to some trafic issue and my stupidness >< i think we were quite ashamed when we reached wtf

the view from my site! 

Tim, Jane and Povy were sitting in front , they seem like enjoying so much haha

some finger food for us! 

someone started a topic and the environment automatically getting lively too! 

babe posing with her glass of Asahi beer! not sure what Tim was doing there, maybe texting Audrey haha

me with my glass too! kinda love this beer as it is more tasteless than other beers (i m not an alcohol lover)

with Clarissa and carmen (nuffies)

with Tim (the boss) ~

with ZhaoYu, but too bad the photos were out of focus on my faces>< maybe our faces just too small wtf !!

this stolen frm ZhaoYu's blog

bloggers and nuffies! not sure where i watching ==

pretty Jane!too bad didnt manage to take photo with Povy =(

me !

Ernest , comic blogger~ bro dont like that la bro

peplum dress from In&Out Closet , necklace frm offline blogshop, heels frm MNG, bag frm Charles & Keith 

lastly, thank you babe Xin wei for helping me to take photos hoho