today gonna share with you another blogshop which selling accessories for us girls =)

too bad that they are "newborn" blogshop , so not much items are purchase-able =((((( but i bet that they will import more in the coming days if the sale is good!!

they are selling accessories like shade, necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings....... etc

purposely love this shade due to its good quality , worth enough at price Rm38! dont compare it to Rm10 shade as their products are own-picked by seller herself ! so no worry for the quality, but worry about the quantity available=)  

and i got another simple match-able necklace for myself too! and it sells at RM12 !! i want more !!!!

what i can conclude is, their products are all hand-picked by seller herself and the quality is good & acceptable ! no LIE=)

visit them here to get your accessories !!hehe

me modeling their accessories here, look CHIO or not haha!!
btw, top frm Miss Selfridge, high waist pant frm Zara, sling bag frm Promod, Shoes frm Birkenstock