im now blogging about the event which i attended ytd night=)

it was Murad press event, and the dress code for it was: Pastel Palettes

i didnt manage to buy a new pastel dress for it so i was keep asking bf: how i should dress up har? how?

sorry to say that he doesnt have strong fashion sense , so he couldnt answer me LOL 

luckily In&Out closet has just updated their new batch of clothes on Sunday, so i quickly ordered from them! fortunately , i got my parcel on Tuesday morning hoho =))))))

i finished my class at 6pm and straight away rush to the venue because the event also started at 6pm><

kinda rush ==!!
ok started to enter the topic! since the dress code is pastel, so you can notice that the environment was also full of pastel color things , such as ballons, chairs, menu...... too cute >< 

Ariya, Sales Director of Murad. He wasnt posing for me to take picture, this was accidentally shoot LOL !! look CHOK !

comfortable environment !

this is one of the products i got frm Murad during the Murad beauty workshop few weeks ago. It is Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes=) 
i love this like hell you know! i found that my wrinkles below my eyes are getting "unseen"! i swear its truth! bf says that so^^
and it's launching in the market, costs around Rm200+ (after using you will know it's worth!!!)

some other new launching products here~ 

photo session before dinner! two behind me are bloggers, another side are nuffnangers! Jamie(not sure how to spell you name, dont get angry if it is wrongt.t) you're very pretty=) Rachel thx for invitation , appreciate! 

me! melissa1010!

with Sarah =)

this is Racheal's kitty frm MCD, i love kitty but not collecting toy>< i hate toy wtf! (tip-off for those who decided to give me birthday present LOL)

very lovely menu card!!!! pastel colors =)))))) regret that i didnt keep this ><

plant in front of me , very nice right? love how Murad decorates the venues during each events!

Pumpkin Salad, this is acceptable by me except the rocket leaf =( (too bad babe Lumi wasnt there, she will help me finish it haha) 

Crispy Skinned Salmon, juicy enough , i couldnt finish it though >< dont ask me WHY. wtf

dont worry, it's really nice(my face problem==)

swiss passion(something like swiss roll) -the main character i would say !!! seriously it looks huge, but i able to finish it ammmm....yummy !!! perhaps i love sweet food haha. so, recommended, must try when you go Serai !

Jian Quin aka nia angle , Murad team(sorry i forgotten her name, apologize), me, Sarah 

my blur eyes@@ with Yoke Lim , Murad's employee, very friendly nice girl!

jamie, sarah, niaangle with CEO , handsome not? dont lie saying that is NO! 

me added !

a failed photos>< baroque dress i got frm In&Out closet! (pink )

and gifts for us bloggers and nuffnangers !
something i must tell , the left one is Contour Eye Gel(super moisture) , and it costs Rm500++ just for 15ml!! wtf i feel myself so xiu lai lai of getting this>< and now i still bu she de to try it LOL!!!  will write a review for those eye products soon=))) 

well, blogging for 2 hours to finish this post, hope you enjoy reading =) good night!
again, thx Nuffnang and Murad!