finally i have something to blog=)   it has been 2 weeks i did not update my blog as i had no any idea how to share my post in better and interesting way=((

no doubt, today i have something new to share which about BEAUTY ~

It is the KAO Bioré's latest product------Bioré Body Powder Wipes

wipes??? Isn't that for babies???? 

i couldn't wait  to try on it when i heard that it is Non-sticky! 

there are two variants, citrus fragrance and soap fragrance. 10pc each .

based on my own opinion, wipes=wet tissues, which they are usually sticky feel after wiping on any area of our body. 

so this is the very first wipes that i will be buying it again after i finish these two packs=)

well, you might be asking: why i need it? how to use? where to use?

Malaysia's weather is variable, and mostly we are under bright sun. bright sun= sweating !!

try to think of when you use tissues to wipe away ur perspiration after sweating, isnt ur skin is still sticky? yup! i often in that situation and feeling myself dirty><

so , this is sweating face lol lol lo ( tried my best )

i will suggest you to use for ur armpit, hands. legs, neck, face ( but not for sensitive skin as it contains alcohol as ingredient)  

the wipe is actually quite thick and large piece so you may tear it into 4 pieces, as i said it has 10pc per packet, so now it could be 10*4=40pc!! LOL this helps you to save more !haha

no worry, it smells GOOD! i love the fresh citrus one=)) lemon smell!

easy-to-use, small and can be carried anywhere! 

it still smells good haha><  kinda good in acting wtf!

one thing i must tell is, it leaves ur skin smooth and powdery , no LIE ! i swear!! and NO sticky feel at all!!!!! btw,  you can use it before or after make up .

despite how much i compliment it here, you better get one for yourself, or maybe two? then you will know im not cheating my readers haha

it is just costs Rm7.90!