was blogging about NNBP 2012 ytd night but i felt bored and no idea to blog in attracting way>< shit!! so i will wait for more pictures from Nuffnang first before publishing my post.

today wanna discuss about plastic surgery. im so SO SO interesting on this topic, as a girl who trying to look prettier, indeed.

honestly i feel jealous on girls who did plastic , i use the word "jealous" ~~~~~~

whenever i saw any girl did plastic unnaturally i will just ps in my mind: ops, her plastic is failed==! look fake ! ( yes, true story of mine i admit it)

moreover i will discuss with friends LOL , if the girl did nicely then we will say: oh she look so natural , lets go korea!! 

but after numerous times of saying that i still not been korea yet wtf@@
wtf face!! 

So, why plastic??

1. of course to look prettier, abuden?

guys always attracted by beautiful girls and they dont even care if they are plastic or not, right? 

example like angelababy, ppl say that she done plastic but she interprets that she didnt, who cares? she is pretty in natural way~  not only her but also many of artists and models . 

2. be more confident

some girls might saying that: inner beauty is more important~ but try to ask yourself, if you have both inner and outer beauty, how do you feel? is it more confident?  dont lie dont lie~~~ 

yes confident! 

3. better relationship

if you have pretty face, ppl attracted by you, they wish to talk to you, make friends with you. so of course better relationship! attempting notice to social network like Fb, a pretty girl posted: im hungry.

then see what ppl comment and how many likes and shares she gets?? 

4. we are YOUNG

to ensuring not to regret when we are old or to be said overaged><  pretty face doesnt last forever but ordinary face last from being born to death! wtf so true you know!!!! at least we get to be gorgeous during life time mar~~~~

this is the face when you regret @@ 

5. better life 

this point is related to the third point which respecting relationship. if you have better relationship with every single person, you get more benefits, true story right?

 you have pretty face ( inner beauty still important though) , the first sight of people meeting you will leave him/her a good impression. day by day, this is easier for you to find your love one and who has stable financial status to give you better life. mother god i know many ppl will contra me ~~ 

but girls, he must be loving you so much if not you know what will happen

im not teaching you to be materialistic, but this is what we so-called LIFE~ choose what life you want to go through ~ think positively be mature no offense thank you=)

well, that's all what in my mind~ stop my typing here !hope you enjoy reading! again, no offense, just my own opinions ~