Mix & Match outfits for 7 DAYS (part two)

now gonna continue from previous post ~

Thursday- no idea what to wear? wearing the same skirt as Monday , matching with sexy transparent top=))

Friday- TGIF !! Kpop again wanna be=)))))  the skirt is match-able on most tops~~
 collar long sleeve is the key point of Kpop fashion (i think)><

Saturday- such a lovely day , so must hang out =) vacation? one day trip? or shopping? 

summer look!! try to tie up your hair to match with this maxi, maybe braids?? hmmmm

Flora Elastic Ruffles Long Dress (Green)
Retail: RM89
Online Purchase: RM79

Sunday- still in holiday mood? of course something sweeeettttt

Peterpan Collar Dress (Blue)Size: S / M
Retail: RM109
Online Purchase: RM99

well it's time to sleep >< good night everyone and again want to apologize for my PS skill , i know it's worst=(


  1. dear, cn u share with us wat brands n wat colors of lens are u prefer?

  2. normally i wear hyper brown, if having make up crystal serie will do=)

  3. what are the brand name ya dear? izzit dubra?

  4. nope, i dont think is deuba~ might be geo, but u may ask the seller whether selling hyper brown